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Camaro Console Oil Pressure Gauge Oil Line, Small Or Big Block, 1967-1972 Part # CG-15
Best Quality Reproduction Console Gauge Oil Line Correct Black Line Unlike Other White Reproductions Sold Elsewhere Includes Brass Nuts & Ferrules Firewall Grommet Available Separately This Camaro reproduction oil pressure gauge oil line is made exactly like the original oil line going to the console gauges in your Camaro. Over time the original can become brittle or be damaged from pulling it through the firewall during your Camaro restoration. Rick's offers this console gauge oil line to replace your original line exactly. So, buy the best parts for your Camaro restoration from Rick's today. WARNING: Do not overtighten the nut on the oil gauge or fail to hold the back of the oil gauge with a wrench as this could cause damage to the oil gauge and cause the engine to pump all of the oil out of your engine into the console and floor of your Camaro. Learn More

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Now: $8.99 ea.

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Now: $5.99 Kit
Camaro Engine Oil Dipstick & Tube, Small Block, Chrome, 1967-1969 Part # C-550
(Note: Big block photo shown). OEM quality chrome plating. Includes tube and stick. Learn More

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Now: $10.99 Set
Camaro Oil Pan, 396ci, 1967-1969 Part # EP-173
Reproduction Of Original Has Windage Tray Installed This Camaro reproduction oil pan has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit and function will work superbly for your restoration. In addition, using a reproduction oil pan from Rick's will add authenticity and value to your Camaro.     Learn More

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Camaro Oil Filter, V8, V6, MANN-FILTER, 1967-1992 Part # 33-00203
Optimum Filtration Direct Replacement Of Stock Filter Housing Is Pressure Resistant & Protected Against Corrosion Long-Life Seal Anti-Drain Valve Made Of High-Quality Silicone Teflon Coated Bypass Valve Fits 1967-1979 6-Cylinder 3.8L & 4.1L Fits 1968-1992 V-8 Small Block Mann + Hummel has not only accelerated the pace of filter development, but has also influenced it at times. The employment of state-of-the art research stations combined with optimally equipped laboratories and test facilities and, last but not least, the continuous exchange of ideas with our customers has secured international success of the Mann + Hummel Group. Because we have been developing and producing superior quality filtration systems for international vehicle manufactures for over 50 years, Mann + Hummel products have set benchmark standards regarding performance assessment criteria such as separation efficiency, dirt absorbency, service life and flow resistance. Learn More
$4.99 ea.

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Camaro Oil Filter, Canister Type, 1967 Part # PSC-12
Replacement For Original Includes Filter Cartridge & Gasket Nice reproduction of the oil canister filter used on 1967 Camaros and many earlier GM cars. The canister filter is a long black cylinder with a cap on one end which secures to the filter boss on the engine block via a long bolt. Replace yours today with this quality replacement oil filter from Rickís All Generations and keep your valuable, original engine clean. NOTE:  Would you like to get rid of your original canister filter? Use our part numbers PSC-11 and RC-434 for the complete conversion. Learn More

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Camaro Oil Filter Adapter Kit, 1967 Part # 718913
Converts From Canister To Spin-On Style Filter Includes Installation Instructions Learn More
$18.99 Kit
Camaro Oil Pressure Gauge Oil Line Adaptor Fitting, 396/375hp, 1967-1969 Part # RC-321
Correct reproduction brass fitting for big block special high performance engine. Learn More
$32.99 ea.
$21.99 ea.
Camaro Oil Filter Canister Mount Valve, 1967 Part # PSC-11
Reproduction Of Original Bolts On Block For Use With All Canister Type Oil Filter Engines Learn More
$32.99 ea.
Camaro Engine Oil Dipstick Tube Seal, Small And Big Block, 1967-1992 Part # EP-27
Original GM Part Fits Small And Big Block Engines   This dipstick tube seal is correct for your 1967-1992 Camaro small or big block engines. Ricks Camaros offers this factory original seal, this is the same seal installed on your engine by the factory. Don't settle for just any part, use what came on your 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 Camaros engine. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More
$9.99 ea.
Camaro Oil Filler Tube Cap, Chrome, 1967-1969 Part # RC-91
Twist on cap type as original, for all oil filler tubes. Learn More
$18.99 ea.
$16.99 ea.
Camaro Engine Oil Pan Gasket, Small Block, One-Piece, 1967-1974 Part # RC-722
Features Molded Neoprene Construction Installs Easily As A One-Piece Design Eliminates Chronic Oil Pan Leaks Advances in manufacturing techniques allow production of this one-piece oil pan gasket, which virtually eliminates annoying oil leaks. This molded neoprene seal replaces the original 4-piece gasket set and is much easier to install. Use of sealant is optional. Learn More
$46.99 Set
$13.99 ea.
Camaro Oil Pan Drain Plug Gasket, 1967-2014 Part # RC-325
Replacement Oil Drain Plug Gasket Metal Construction Correct For 1982-1992 Rubber Insert Holds Gasket Tight To Plug   Changing your oil drain plug gasket is essential when you change your oil pan. You should also check your gasket periodically and inspect your Camaro for oil leaks. This metal and rubber oil drain plug  gasket from Rick's Camaros is correct for 1982-1992, but can be used as a replacement for other models from 1967-2014. You can count on Rick's Camaros for all your Camaro restoration and maintenance parts needs. Learn More
$4.99 ea.
Camaro Oil Filler Tube Cap, GM Logo, Twist-On, Chrome, 1967-1992 Part # C-631
High quality valve cover breather with inlaid acrylic GM logo. For twist on style valve covers. Learn More
$17.99 ea.
Camaro Oil Pan Bolt Set, Small Block, 1967-1969 Part # RC-310
Small block oil pan bolt set, correct SEMS bolts with washers. Learn More
$10.99 Set
Camaro, Small Block Oil Line Fitting Assembly, 3/4" Tall, 1967-1969 Part # 33-11730
Restoration Correct Correct Fit And Finish Correct Brass Construction Correct Logo Stamping Includes: Tall Engine Block Coupling Fitting, Oil Line Compression Bushing And Nut Can Be Used For Almost Any Mechanical Gauge GM # 3904227 Restoring the engine for your 1967-1969 Camaro can be an undertaking. Ricks Camaros will ease the pain with this correct Small Block Oil line Fitting Assembly for your engine. This kit is made from the correct brass material, has the correct logo stamping and can be used on almost any mechanical gauge. This kit includes the tall engine block coupling fitting, oil line conpression bushing and nut. Don't settle for just any line kit for your 1967, 1968, 1969 Camaro. Now just in time for showcar season, you can use the correct kit. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More
$17.99 Kit
Camaro Engine Oil Drain Plug Washer, Nylon Part # 33-11661
High Quality Oil Plug Washer Nylon Construction Fits Every Camaro owner knows how easy it is to lose small parts. If you like to maintain your Camaro yourself, it's a good idea to stock up on essentials, like this engine oil drain plug washer. This handy nylon washer is a must have for oil changes and is inexpensive enough to keep several on hand. You can count on Rick's Camaros for all you 1967-2013 Camaro part needs, large or small. Learn More
$0.99 ea.
Camaro Oil Pan Bolt Set, Big Block, 1967-1969 Part # RC-311
Big block oil pan bolt set, correct SEMS bolts with washers. Learn More
$16.99 ea.
Camaro Oil Pump Pickup, Small Block, 1967-1981 Part # EP-52
Restoration Correct Quality Replacement Pick Up   This 1967-1981 Camaro replacement oil pump pickup has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Camaro. You will also be pleased to know that Ricks Camaros has sourced this oil pump pickup among other possible parts as the best choice for your 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981  repair or restoration project. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More

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Camaro Oil Filler Tube, 327ci, Black, 1967-1968 Part # RC-183
Show quality, technically correct reproduction oil fill tube for all 327. Uses twist on style cap as original. 6-3/4" tall. (Photo shows same part in show chrome-RC-17.) Learn More

Was: $63.99 ea.

Now: $41.99 ea.
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