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Vehicle: '1974 CHEVY CAMARO Z28'

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Camaro Subframe Reinforcement Connectors, Weld-In, Detroit Speed, 1970-1981 Part # 721553
Fabricated From 2" x 3" x 0.120" Steel Tubing Laser-Cut Brackets TIG Welded For Added Strength Comes With Installation DVD Barely Visible Under Car Minor Welding Required These subframe connectors are fabricated from rectangular steel tubing. Laser cut brackets are included that attach the rear of the subframe to the connector for an easy, strong, and simple weld joint. The rear of the connector is tapered to attach to the rear frame rails. Designed with a slim profile, they are barely visible under the car. They are designed not to interfere with the seat attachment hardware or the installation and removal of the rear leaf spring pocket. Our weld-in connectors are also supplied with templates, pictures, detailed instructions and a step-by-step instructional DVD for installation. Learn More

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Now: $199.99 Kit
Camaro Subframe Connectors, Heidt's, 1970-1981 Part # 721808
Adds Additional Stiffness To Unibody Cars Attaches To Front Subframe & Rear Spring Mounts Bolt-In Or Weld-In Mounting Learn More
$197.99 pr.
Camaro Subframe Connectors, Hotchkis Sport Suspension, 1974-1981 Part # 721902
Powder Coated Gloss Black Finish TIG Welded Fabricated from 1.5" x 3" .120 wall rectangular steel. Does not require cutting or modifying the floor. Front is optional weld or bolt-on. Allows for front subframe removal if needed. Reduced chassis flex. Tucked-in design gives excellent ground clearance. The Hotchkis Performance sub-frame connectors for 74-81 F-Body cars are designed to add rigidity to the chassis to improve vehicle performance by reducing chassis flex. Fabricated from 1.5" x 3" .120 wall rectangular steel, these TIG welded connectors are powder coated gloss black. Installation of these connectors does not require modifications or cutting of the floor boards. The rear mount is a weld in, while the front mount is a bolt in with the option to weld. This is a must have finishing touch for any Camaro restoration. Learn More
$399.99 Set
Camaro, Chassis Max Handle Bars, Hotchkis, 1970-1981 Part # 721950
Powder Coated, Anthracite Finish Easy, Bolt In Installation Fabricated From 1.5" Steel Tubing, TIG Welded To Precision CNC Bent Brackets CAD Designed For Superior Fit & Finish Manufactured In The USA Works With Most Suspension Systems And Engine Swaps Chassis Max Handle Bars from Hotchkis are a critical component for any high-performance 1970-81 Camaro. The second generation F-Body subframe can flex during hard cornering, altering suspension geometry, tire contact patch and alignment. Hotchkis has solved this problem by applying nature's strongest shape: the triangle. Handle Bars tie the control arms to the cowl and firewall with high-strength tubing and CNC bent brackets for maximum strength and rigidity. The result is incredible handling and driver control that makes the most of your high performance Camaro suspension. NOTE: Tubular upper control arms are highly recommended as there have been some issues with the Handle Bars fitting with stock upper control arms. Chassis Max Handle Bars will not work with Pontiac Firebirds. Learn More
$279.99 Set
Camaro Subrame Connectors, 1970-1975 Part # 721182
Constructed Of 2" x 1-1/2" x .083 Wall Mild Steel Tubing Prevents Body Flex Legal For All Classes Of Drag Racing Hardware Included Bolt In Installation Learn More
$219.99 pr.
Camaro Subframe Assembly, Complete, Powder Coated, Small Block & LS, Detroit Speed & Engineering (DSE), 1970-1981 Part # 721545
Hydroformed Framerails Stamper Crossmember Tubular Upper & Lower Control Arms Coil Over Shochs For Subframe With "Detroit Tuned" Valving 450 lb/in Coil Over Springs Power Rack & Pinion Steering Splined Sway Bar C6 Steering Knuckles & Bearing Packs Subframe Powdercoated Satin Black Control Arms & Sway Bar Arms Powder Coated Gloss Black Detroit Speedís all new Camaro front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original stock subframe. It improves the handling and ride quality by utilizing DSEís unique suspension geometry. It is the ONLY subframe in the aftermarket industry with hydroformed frame rails. The hydroformed frame rails feature strength and stiffness, precise quality and repeatability. Hydroforming preserves the steelís strength and stiffness because it is performed at low temperatures, unlike traditional high temperature processes which decrease material strength. Up to a 10" wide wheel can be packaged without modification to the inner wheel wells. Both the main and secondary crossmembers are stamped for structural rigidity. SBC, BBC, LS1, LS2, and LS7 engines have been designed as a direct bolt-in into this subframe . Learn More
$7,750.99 Kit
Camaro Subframe Assembly, Complete, Bare Metal, Small Block& LS, Detroit Speed & Engineering (DSE), 1970-1981 Part # 721544
Custom Replacement Fender Braces Stamped Crossmember Tubular Upper & Lower Control Arms Coil Over Shocks For Subframe With "Detroit Tuned" Valving 450 lb/in Coil Over Springs Power Rack & Pinion Steering Splined Sway Bar C6 Steering Knuckles & Bearing Packs Subframe In Bare Metal The fender brace kit has 100% CNC machined Clevis' from 304 Stainless Steel. The kit includes fabricated mounting brackets and comes with button head stainless steel mounting bolts. The fender braces triangulate the radiator core support to the fender and are fully adjustable, a benefit not available with your stock fender braces. All mounting brackets come powder coated satin black. Learn More
$6,999.99 Kit
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