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1977 Chevy Camaro RS Air Conditioning Vacuum Control Canister

1977 Chevy Camaro RS   Air Conditioning Vacuum Control Canister

1970-77 Air Conditioning Vacuum Control Canister
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$21.99 ea.
  (No Discount / Limited Discount)
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1970 thru 1977
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This part fits a '1977 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS'
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  • Stock Replacement
  • Original GM
  • Located In The Engine Compartment
  • Helps Maintain Constant Vacuum To The Distribution Vents
  • Replacement For “Can” Or “Steel” Style Tanks on Earlier Years
  If you have strong vacuum, no leaks, your system components have been checked, and your vacuum operated controls are acting up, you are probably pulling your hair out right about now.  You ask yourself, “What else could it be?” Most likely at this point it is your vacuum control pod, also known as a vacuum canister. This black molded plastic pod stores and supplies vacuum to your controls such as switches and actuators throughout the dash and engine compartment. Without your pod in good working order, you will not have a constant supply of vacuum. It’s that simple. These later plastic style pods are great replacement for earlier steel style tanks. Ricks Camaros has sourced our parts from the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the best quality replacement parts to keep your baby running its best.