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Vehicle: '1982 CHEVY CAMARO Z28'

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Camaro Automatic Transmission Oil Pan, 700R4, Chrome, 1967-1992 Part # C-700
Bright Chrome Adds Great Looks & Extra Fluid Capacity Drain Plug with Plug Gasket Easy Bolt-On Installation Don't forget the automatic transmission in your Camaro in your chrome dress-up plans. This triple chrome plated transmission pan does wonders to brighten up the underside of your Camaro. This finned, deep style transmission pan holds up to 2 quarts more fluid than a stock 700R4 transmission pan. Learn More
$26.99 ea.
Camaro T Handle, With Switch, Hurst Competition, 1967-2002 Part # 719029
3/8"-16 Thread New Snap Action Button & Switch For Instant Activation Ideal for use with Hurst Roll Control, transmission brakes, Nitrous Oxide systems or any other 12 volt accessories. Learn More
$58.99 ea.
Automatic Transmission Racing Fluid (ATF), Max Shift™, TCI® Part # RC-654
High Performance TCI Max Shift Transmission Fluid Runs Up To 30° Cooler Oil Soluable Molybendum Additive To Greatly Reduce Friction Handy 1 Gallon Size Max Shift™ ATF has been tested and proven to run up to 30° F cooler, even during extreme heat racing sessions and repeated usage. TCI® Max Shift™ ATF is uniquely formulated using a new oil-soluble molybdenum additive that greatly reduces internal friction and heat, yet does not effect clutch and band lock-up. It is made using base oils with extremely high viscosity index and the fluid contains a special defoamer agent that reduces fluid foaming even at 10,000 rpm. In addition, Max Shift™ ATF contains extreme pressure additives to help control gear fatigue and fracture, actually forming a fluid cushion from metal-to-metal contact. Learn More

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Camaro Driveshaft, Aluminum, Heavy-Duty, 1982-2002 Part # 721538
Lighter & Stronger Than Original Shafts High Speed Balanced Fits Automatic & Manual Transmission Cars Driveshafts deliver power, consuming some of it in the process. A new aluminum shaft from Inland Empire Drive Line Service will reduce this power loss and run smoother than the mass production, aging and usually rusty original driveshaft. This driveshaft is complete, balanced and ready to install. It is a 3 inch diameter .125 wall auminum tube., aluminum weld yokes, steel u-joints and a transmission yoke. They are intended to be direct replacements for the stock steel driveshafts in cars up to 500 horse power using street tires on the street. Learn More
$439.99 ea.
Camaro Clutch Kit, V8, HDX, Ram Clutches, 1982-1992 Part # 708126
Perfect Entry Level Performance Clutch Provides Smooth Clutch Engagement Increased Clamp Load Pressure Plate Kit Includes Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Throwout Bearing & Alignment Tool 10.5" x 1-1/8"-26 Spline HDX Clutch sets are the performance upgrade for your daily driver/hot rod. Ram Pressure plates feature increased clamp loads and the 200 Series organic clutch disc provide maximum holding power. Rams 200 series discs use a premium organic facing material that greatly increases rotational strength. Use HDX sets for cars with bolt on modifications and mild power enhancements, for street or strip. Learn More
$345.99 Kit
Camaro Clutch Kit, V8, HDX, Ram Clutches, 1967-1982 Part # CL-53
Perfect Entry Level Performance Clutch Provides Smooth Clutch Engagement Increased Clamp Load Pressure Plate Kit Includes Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Throwout Bearing & Alignment Tool 10.5" x 1/8-10 Spline Learn More
$345.99 Kit
Radiator Coolant Additive, 40 Below, Pro Blend Part # 88-0206-3
Reduces Coolant Temperature Up To 40F Stops Radiator Overheating Ideal For Racing, Towing & Hi-Performance Engines Originally developed for stock car racing, this additive reduces coolant temperature up to 40F. It maintains coolant temperature between 180-210F when one 30 oz. can is added to a mixture of 80% distilled water/20% ethylene glycol (antifreeze). Besides the cooling value for all types of racing, it helps prevent overheating for any vehicle that is towing, climbing hills, sitting in traffic or running extra equipment such as an air conditioner. Learn More
$24.99 ea.
Camaro Rear End, 9", Complete, With Wilwood Disc Brakes & Lines, 1982-2002 Part # 721832
Super Durable Brand New 9" Ford Rear Axle With Torque Arm Mount New Big-Bearings, Torino Flanges & 31-Spline Axles All Spring Perches, Tabs & Brackets Welded Into Place Specify Drum-To-Drum Width, Spring Perch Center To Center, & Bolt Pattern When Ordering Wilwood 12.19" Black Rotors & 4 Piston Black Calipers, 1/2" Studs New Tru Trac Positraction Superlight Nodular Third Member In Your Desired Ratio New Pinion Yoke, Bearings, Studs, Seals, Housing Vent & Hardware Bolt In, Bleed The Brakes, & Go! No ABS Brake Provisions The rear ends are the weak link in all 3rd and 4th gen cars. The housings are built 64-5/8" wide (1993-02 Cars) but are a direct swap for 1982-92 cars if used with late model wheel backspacing. NOTE: For all residential deliveries, there will be an additional charge for delivery via liftgate truck. These Rear Ends Have Do Not Have Provisions For ABS Anti-Lock Brakes Learn More
$3,399.99 ea.
Camaro Clutch Kit, Power Grip, Performance, Ram Clutches, 1982-1992 Part # 708131
10.5" 1-1/8-26 Spline Powergrip HD sets are the ultimate for extreme street/strip performance. Using proprietary 900 series friction material in conjunction with increased clamp load pressure plates, you get maximum holding power for track or street, with only minimal reduction in driveability. This is the set for big power street cars! Some chatter will occur on takeoff. Due to the 900 series disc in these kits we highly recommend the use of RAM billet steel Flywheel. Use of the factory nodular iron (explosion resistant) flywheels will cause excessive wear on the flywheel. Learn More
$383.99 Kit
Camaro Rear End Girdle Stud Kit, 1970-2002 Part # 721609
For Use With Rend End Girdle P/N 721607, 721608 Or 721606 Replacement For Stock Bolts On Corner Bearing Caps Learn More
$29.99 Kit
Camaro Flywheel, Fidanza, Aluminum, V-8, 10.4" Or 11" Clutch, 1967-1986 Part # 33-10125
Ideal For Unleashing Your Engine's Full Power (Approximately 25 Horsepower) Upgrade Over Stock Flywheel Offering Superior, Replaceable Friction Surface Perfect For Spirited Driving Because Flywheel Decelerates Quicker When Disengaged Allowing You To Match Revs Sooner For years and years savvy tuners and racers have used aluminum flywheels for improved performance. Fidanza's hi-performance 13 lb. flywheel will give you an instantaneous improvement in performance and is an instant upgrade over your stock flywheel. Fidanza's 6061 T6 billet aluminum flywheels are SFI approved, have a completely replaceable 1050 high carbon alloy steel friction surface and a steel ring gear. For applications with a 454 engine, P/N 33-10126 flywheel weight plate must be used. Footnote: Lightweight flywheels are an excellent way to distribute the horsepower that an engine creates more efficiently. Aluminum flywheels will without a doubt add much more performance to your engine. Because factory built flywheels are so heavy it takes an immense amount of power just to get it rotating. To rotate the factory flywheel from 1000 rpm to 6000 rpm can take as much as 40 horsepower. That same application with an aluminum flywheel, because of its lighter weight, takes less than 15 horsepower. This means that the horsepower the engine is saving is actually sent to the wheels and not spent rotating the heavy steel flywheel. To establish this as fact and not theory, Fidanza has tested this time and time again. The results have shown that for both drag and road racing a lightweight aluminum flywheel has dominated the tracks and streets. If you're wondering about the drawbacks, there are none. With all the benefits of the lightweight flywheel, driveability is virtually unchanged and in most cases improved. Whether the car is your daily driver or a pure race machine, Fidanza flywheels are a great choice. Learn More

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Camaro Differential Cover Gridle, TA Performance, Aluminum, 10 Bolt, With 7.5" Ring Gear, 1982-2002 Part # 721605
TA Girdles Are Made Of 356 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Heat Treated To T6 Specifications, Each Cover Is Then Stress Relieved Covers Are Machined Using A 3 Step CNC Process, Which Ensures Accuracy And Quality Each Cover Is Hand Deburned And Inspected For The Utmost In Fit And Finish A Fill Port & A Drain Port For Ease Of Servicing 2 Load Bolts With Swivel "Feet" For Supporting The Bearing Caps Increases Fluid Capacity Aprroximately 1/2 Quart Shows A Decrease In Operating Temperature Improves Undercarrage Appearance Learn More
$209.99 ea.
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