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Camaro Vararam Velocity Stack, 1998-2002 Part # 718175
Adds 6-13 Horsepower Adds 6-10 Ft./Lbs. Torque Pressure Fits Into Throttle Body In just minutes you can add the VR Velocity Stack to your LS1 throttle body and gain horsepower and torque that you can feel in the seat of your pants. The stack reshapes the throttle body housing to greatly improve air flow throughout the entire RPM band so you feel the power the instant you stab the throttle and until you reach peak RPM. In fact throttle response will be immediately improved with this high temperature ABS unit that simply pressure fits into the throttle body housing. The VR Stack works well with the factory air cleaner and works best with the factory accordion hose. However, for even better results the VR Stack provides the optimum power gains with aftermarket intake systems. Learn More

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1993-2002 Camaro AC Delco, Fuel Filter Part # 33-11579
Original AC Delco Replacement Part Correct Fit Fits V6 And V8 Engines Also Fits RS 93, V6 Engine And Z28 93-00 Made In USA Is it time to replace your 1993-2002 Camaros fuel filter? Ricks Camaros has this factory AC Delco replacement fuel filter. A car's fuel filter is located along the fuel lines, either in the engine compartment or underneath the car by the fuel tank. It is the responsibility of the fuel filter to trap large particles in the fuel in order to prevent them from getting into the engine. Because of the tremendous force behind the up-and-down motion of the engine's pistons, which compress the air-fuel mixture so that it will burn more efficiently, any large particles in the fuel could potentially cause serious damage to the engine. Large particles in the fuel also have the ability to clog fuel injectors, depriving a cylinder of precious fuel and requiring that the injector be cleaned or replaced. Therefore, maintaining a clean fuel filter is imperative to the performance of a car's engine. Don't trust just any parts for your 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Camaro. Use what the factory installed on your Camaro when it was new. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More
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