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Camaro Sway Bar End Link Set, Front, 1970-2002 Part # 721212
Reproduction Of Original 2 Required Per Car This Camaro reproduction sway bar end link set has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit and function will work superbly for your restoration. In addition, using a reproduction sway bar end link set from Eckler's will add authenticity and value to your Camaro. Learn More
$11.99 Set
Camaro Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit, 1982-2002 Part # UR-903
Replacement Polyurethane Sway Bar End Links Fits Front 1967-02 And Rear 1982-02 Outlasts Original Rubber Bushings Decreases Suspension Deflection, Which Helps Rear Traction And Safe Cornering Your Choice Of Black Or Red Made In USA Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty Historically, the Camaro was really happy when going in a straight line. However, the SCCA/Trans-am Series guys really had to tweak the suspension to make the Camaro carve the corners. Times have changed! Rick’s offers these polyurethane anti-sway bar end links to help your Camaro really handle. Don’t feel like you are driving a boat down the road! Replace both of your rear end links with this kit from Rick’s today and tighten up your suspension. Learn More
$24.99 Kit
Camaro Tie Rod End Dust Boots, Polyurethane, 1967-2002 Part # UR-12
Replacement Dust Boots Outlasts Original Rubber Boots Your Choice Of Black Or Red Made In USA Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty Polyurethane replacement dust boots for the tie rod ends on your Camaro. These strong, polyurethane boots resist damage from sand, road salt and oils. The five-point sealing action prevents contamination and loss of tie rod end grease. Practice a little preventive mainenance by replacing your original rubber boots while you are replacing your tie rod ends or replace your old, cracked original boots today with these quality polyurethane tie rod end dust boots from Ricks today. Learn More
$4.99 pr.
Camaro Lower Ball Joint, 1970-2002 Part # 721442
Highest Quality Lower Ball Joint Available Hardware Included 2 Required Per Car   The lower ball joint in your 1970-2002 Camaro is used to connect the control arms to the steering knuckles, enable movement while steering your vehicle.  When these lower ball joints start to fail, you may hear a clicking or snapping sound when the wheel is turned, which can eventually turn into a squeaking sound at the end of a stop, when the gas pedal is used, and when hitting bumps. Eventually, driving in your Camaro can become more dangerous, as the wheel’s angle becomes unconstrained, causing loss of control. Don’t let your lower ball joints get to this point, and get a replacement ball joint from Rick’s Camaros today! These lower ball joints match factory specifications and will exactly replace your original ball joints, creating a cleaner and smoother driving experience in your Camaro. Using some of the highest quality materials available, and including all hardware for installation, you’d be crazy not to jump on this deal. Trust Rick’s Camaros for all of your replacement and restoration needs for your 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,  2000, 2001, or 2002  Camaro! Learn More

Was: $23.99 ea.

Now: $19.99 ea.
Camaro Sway Bar End Link Set With Red Bushings, Front, 1970-2002 Part # 33-10420
High Quality Red Rubber Bushings 2 Required Now you can replace your original worn out black sway bar link bushings with this high quality racing red rubber bushing kit from Rick's Camaro. Learn More
$11.99 Kit
Camaro Bump Stop Spacers With 17" Wheels, 1993-2002 Part # 33-10630
Reproductions Of Original Originally Equipped On Cars With 17" Wheels Includes Hardware 8 Total Required Per Car These aircraft quality aluminum jounce bumper spacers are necessary whenever installing 17" wheels and tires on any 1993-2002 Camaro.All SS coupes came with 17" wheels and tires. These are designed to raise the jounce bumper stop to prevent tire contact with the inner wheel well. NOTE: These are needed if upgrading to 17" wheels. Learn More
$35.99 pr.
Camaro Shock Absorber, Rear, Gas, GR-2, KYB, 1982-2002 Part # 721009
Excellent Replacement Shock Great Performance Great Price The KYB GR-2 line of shocks is one of the best replacement suspension components available. They feature the same twin tube design as the original equipment, but with heavier duty internal parts. The valving and pressures are more closely matched to the high performance suspension of your Camaro than any other replacement shock on the market. Learn More
$32.99 ea.
Camaro Coil Springs, Rear, Heavy Duty, 1982-2002 Part # 791093
104 Lbs. Progressive Rate Great Dual Purpose Spring For Cruising And Corner Carving Best Spring For Adjustable Rear Shocks Best Used With Front Springs P/N 791092 These replacement heavy duty rear springs are the strongest available. The original rear 1LE springs were fixed single rate and would knock your fillings loose. These are a progressive two stage cargo coil. A progressive rear spring will allow the rear to rotate and dig in for launch but still have enough firmness to kill any wheel hop or deal with changing pavement. Learn More
$79.99 pr.
Camaro Shock Absorber, Rear, Gas, Mono Tube, KYB, 1982-2002 Part # 721015
Excellent Upgrade Shock Great Performance Great Price The KYB GAS-A-JUST mono tube shock is a great performance upgrade and is one of the most responsive mono tube dampers on the market. The primary advantage of a mono tube design over the original equipment twin tube is in consistency. The high pressure design eliminates the cavitations inherent to low pressure replacement shocks. They will not fade no matter how hard they are worked. KYB GAS-A-JUST shocks are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This means you get the same great ride and efficiency- now and forever. KYB is an excellent selection for Camaro owners who demand life-long service out of a performance shock. Learn More
$49.99 ea.
Camaro Coil Spring Isolator, Rear, 1982-2002 Part # 33-12152
Restoration Correct 2 Required Per Car Made From Quality Material For All Models 1982-2002 Camaro are great for carving up the roads. With this increased driving aggression comes additional worn parts. Ricks Camaros offers this Coil Spring Isolator for the rear springs. The coil spring isolator is used to prevent noise from being transmitted from the coil spring to the chasis while driving. As you drive the coil spring will twist side to side, as a coil spring is just a torsion bar that has been made into a coil. As the coil moves in the coil pocket it will become noisy, the using the coil spring isolator in you 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Camaro will make for a nicer and more comfortable ride. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More
$9.99 ea.

Was: $84.99 ea.

Now: $49.99 ea.

Was: $84.99 ea.

Now: $49.99 ea.
Camaro Ball Joint, Front Upper, 1993-2002 Part # 721792
Replacement Upper Ball Joint 2 Per Car   This Camaro replacement upper ball joint has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Camaro. You will also be pleased to know that Eckler's has sourced this upper ball joint among other possible parts as the best choice for your repair or restoration project.   Learn More
$18.99 ea.
Camaro Rear Lower Tubular Control Arms, 1982-2002 Part # 721601
Greatly Reduce Rear Axle Flex Improves Traction By Decreasing Wheel Hop Bolt-On Installation These Granatelli Motor Sports control arms feature 1.65" x .120 wall tubing for superior strength, polyurethane bushings and grease fittings on both ends of the bar and powder coated. Learn More

Was: $197.99 Kit

Now: $159.99 Kit
Camaro Front Control Arm Bushing Kit, Black Polyurethane, 1993-2002 Part # 721088
Outlasts & Outperforms Rubber Bushings Kit Completes All Control Arms Instructions Included Polyurethane bushings eliminate unwanted front end geometry changes to give the driver better feel and control. Learn More
$47.99 Kit
Camaro Polyurethane Sway Bar End Link Kit, 1993-2002 Part # 721218
Polyurethane Far Outlasts Stock Rubber Bushings Kit Includes Hardware Learn More
$21.99 Kit
ADDCO 1993-2002 Camaro Front Sway Bar Kit, 1-1/4" Diameter Part # 721116
Provides Dramatic Handling Improvement By Reducing Body Roll & Chassis Flex   Includes Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings To Provide Minimal Friction & Quick, Smooth Responsiveness   End Link Bushings Are Polyurethane For Long Life   Easy To Install   Hardware Included   Learn More

Was: $299.99 Kit

Now: $228.99 Kit
Camaro Upper Control Arms, Front, Tubular, Red, With Bushings, 1993-2002 Part # 721239
1.25" x .120" wall seamless DOM tubing Greasable polyurethane bushings CNC cut 3/16" ball joint mounting plate -3 degree improved ball joint angle for lowered cars STRONGER, yet LIGHTER than stock! Fully assembled and ready to install Durable and brilliant powder coated finish Lowering the weight of your car's moving suspension parts is a great way to a more contolled and comfortable ride. Utilizing thick DOM tubing, these arms will allow your car to react much faster to changes and make your spring & shock assembly do it's job faster. Learn More
$249.99 pr.
Camaro Adjustable Torque Arm, Standard Duty, 1982-2002 Part # 721494
Attaches To The Rear Axle & Controls Rear End Torque During Acceleration, Transferring This Energy Into The Tires, Increasing Straight Line Traction Reduces Nose-Dive During Braking Eliminates Wheelhop Increases Sidebite During Corner Exit Acceleration Bolt-On System Does Not Require Complete Interior Removal As With Other Kits Provides Adjustable Pinion Angle FREE Angle Finder Included To Set Pinion Angle Constructed Of 1.25" o.d. x .120" Wall DOM Tubing Front "Stub" Of Torque Arm Is Reinforced By TIG Welding A Piece Of 1" Solid 4140 Chrome Moly Into The i.d. Of The Front Snub TIG Wwelded 4130N Chrome Moly Threaded Tube Adapters Heavy-Duty CNC Laser-Cut 3/8" Steel Rear Housing Mounting Bracket Polyurethane Bushing Front Mount For Minimal Road Noise Rear Of The Torque Arm Mounts To The 3/8" Steel Rear Housing Mounting Bracket Via Two 3/4"-16 NFT x 5/8" Bore x 7/8" Thick Solid Steel Rod Ends-These Are Solid Rod Ends, Not Spherical Bearing Rod Ends, So Noise Is Of No Concern. Grade 8 - 5/8" Bolts & 5/8" Nylock Nuts Are Used Integral 4140 Chrome Moly Pinion Angle Adjuster Between The Bottom Rear Solid Rod End & The Bottom Rear Torque Arm Tube Allows For Easy Pinion Angle Adjustment-A Simple Turn Of The Wrench Will Give You 6 Degrees Of Pinion Angle Adjustment, It's That Simple Entire Package Is A Complete Bolt-In Assembly Using Existing Mounting Points On The Vehicle-No Drilling Or Welding Is Required This Is A Proven Product Being Run On Some Of The Fastest F-Bodies In The Country Rear Mounting Bracket Is Designed To Fit On OEM & /Or Aftermarket Rear Ends Replace your flimsy factory torque arm with a durable Spohn tubular version and put the power where it belongs - the pavement! Built from 1.25" x .120" DOM tubing with a heavy-duty 3/8" thick rear mounting bracket. Bolts directly in place of the factory torque arm using all factory mounting locations. Requires no welding or drilling. Equipped with an adjuster for changing pinion angle and a new, low deflection polyurethane front bushing. 1982-1992 cars require the use of a factory torque arm bushing clamshell mount designed for Prothane bushing 7-1609. If your vehicle is equipped with a 7-1611 type bushing, you will need to get the 7-1609 type clamshell (See above pictures). This does not apply to 1993-2002 cars. Learn More
$409.99 ea.
Camaro Panhard Bar, Adjustable, With Spherical Rod End & Polyurethane Bushing, 1982-2002 Part # 721770
1.25" x .095" Wall DOM Tubing Stronger, Yet Lighter Than Stock TIG Welded 4130N Chrome Moly Threaded Tube Adapters 3/4" Chrome Moly Spherical Rod End With Teflon® Self-Lubricating Race CNC Machined Through Sleeve & Zinc Plated Steel Spacers Keep Rod End Perfectly Centered Inside Of The Vehicle Mounting Bracket Polyurethane Bushing (Fluted) With Grease Fitting For Easy Lubrication Right Hand & Left Hand Threaded Male/Female CNC Machined 4140 Chrome Moly Adjuster Provides For Easy On-Car Adjustment Reuses OEM Mounting Hardware, No Need To Drill Out Your Car's Mounting Brackets Replace the factory's weak, stamped steel, flexible panhard bar with one of our heavy duty set-ups! Allows for centering the rearend after lowering. The best component for serious handling performance. Allows alignment of the rear for clearance when running larger tires. Greatly increases rear's lateral stability. The high quality spherical rod end provides for "bind-free" handling performance. The fluted polyurethane bushed end is mounted onto the chassis (floor) mount to absorb road noise. This combo ended Panhard Bar will still wipe out most bind, yet keep the noise level increase minimal for a street driven car. All of our spherical rod ended components come equipped with extra high strength, chrome moly rod ends with Teflon® self lubricating race. When shopping around for spherical rod ended components, do not shop on price alone. The lower grade rod ends (which are much cheaper) will not hold their tolerances like the premium rod ends we utilize, this will cause substantial amounts of noise in a short time. We have had to increase our prices, but it is money very well spent in the long run, these rod ends will last a very long time. Learn More
$189.99 ea.
Camaro Strut, Front, Gas, KYB, 1993-2002 Part # 721016
Excellent Replacement Strut Great Performance Great Price This KYB high pressure gas strut is an excellent high performance replacement for 1993-02 Camaros. In terms of performance, KYB's are "guaranteed" not to fade. In fact, regardless of how much or how hard the strut is worked, the KYB strut still provides 100% shock absorbing efficiency now and forever. The KYB mono-tube is backered by a limited lifetime warranty. KYB is an excellent selection for Camaro owners who demand life-long service out of a performance shock. Learn More
$159.99 ea.
Camaro Strut Tower Brace, V8, 1993-2002 Part # 754053
Improves Handling By Increasing Chassis Rigidity Bolt-On Installation Powder Coated Steel Construction Fits All Except 6-Cylinder & 1996-97 SS Models Learn More
$104.99 ea.
Camaro Rear Control Arm Bushing Set, Polyurethane, 1982-2002 Part # 721092
Outlasts & Outperforms Rubber Bushings Instructions Included Polyurethane bushings eliminate unwanted rear end geometry changes to give the driver better feel and control. Learn More
$57.99 Set
Camaro Koni SRT-T Street Shock, Orange, Rear, 1993-2002 Part # 33-12489
Great Upgrade For Your Suspension! Modern Technology For Your Classic Car! Better Comfort Increased Road Handling Customized For Make And Model Entry Level Performance Shock Fits V6 And V8 Engine Applications Fits All Models Manufacture Lifetime Warranty 1993-2002 Camaro is a classic platform for restoration or building that curve carving street machine. Ricks Camaros offers this quality Koni SRT-T-Street Shock, Orange, Rear. These srt.-t street, orange shocks are designed for the 1993-2002 Camaro to offer better comfort, increased road handling and offers modern technology for your classic car. These affordable shocks offer state of the art technology without breaking the bank. Don't trust just any replacement part for your 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Camaro, use only the best. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More
$103.99 ea.
Camaro Polyurethane Total Body & Suspension Kit, 1993-2002 Part # 721138
Far Superior In Strength To Rubber Far Outlasts Stock Rubber Components Improves Ride & Handling It is time to take advantage of matched components that not only will improve your ride but also will work together for maximum performance.  Kit Includes:     Rear Control Arm     Torque Arm     Front Upper & Lower Control Arm Bushings     Sway Bar Bushings     Sway Bar End Links     Tie Rod Boots     Transmission Mount Learn More
$244.99 Kit
ADDCO 1982-2002 Camaro Rear Sway Bar Kit, 1" Diameter Part # 721124
Provides Dramatic Handling Improvement By Reducing Body Roll & Chassis Flex   Includes Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings To Provide Minimal Friction & Quick, Smooth Responsiveness   End Link Bushings Are Polyurethane For Long Life   Easy To Install   Hardware Included   Learn More
$199.99 Kit
Camaro Coil Springs, V6 Pro-Kit, Eibach, 1993-2002 Part # 721953
Provides Excellent Handling And Control Will Lower Vehicle 1.4" From Stock Ride Height Provides A Firm Stable Base For Aggressive Street Or Road Course Driving If you want your car to look great, lower it and remove that hideous wheel to fender gap. Eibach has engineered the perfect spring set to lower your car 1.5 to 2 inches at all four corners. NOTE: Remember: Lowering your car changes the rear control arm angles. Please consider our lower control arm relocation brackets, and an adjustable torque arm. Learn More
$299.99 Kit
Camaro Shocks & Struts, Bilstein, SLP, 1993-2002 Part # 721761
The Ultimate Non-Adjustable Dual-Purpose Shock Ideal For Daily Use Or Ocassional Track Time Includes Two Front Struts & Two Rear Shocks These shocks are built to SLP's specifications by Bilstein and are for use in road racing applications. They give excellent control for daily driving and provide a competitive edge on the road course. The shocks are valved to produce a comfortable, yet firm ride on the street. They also perform like a race shock during road course maneuvers. The ultimate in a non adjustable dual-purpose shock. Learn More
$599.99 Set
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