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Rick’s Camaros is your one-stop shop for 2002 Camaro parts. The 2002 Camaro was the final 4th Generation Camaro. Spanning from 1993-2002, 4th Generation Camaros used new technology and material to produce plastic body panels over a steel space frame reducing weight and providing a new sleek silhouette. Thanks to a much improved suspension design, 4th Generation Camaro performance increased. Exterior features of 4th Gen Camaros included tunneled headlamps, broad taillights, a low “V” nose and even optional T-tops for the coupe. 2002 Camaro Z28s got power steering cooler, the sound systems were revised and V6 convertibles got standard automatic transmission. Chevrolet celebrated Camaro’s 35th year with a Z4C edition package for the Z28 SS coupe and convertible. In addition to carrying 2002 Camaro parts, we have parts for all third generation Camaro models available. We have the best prices and we have all the 4th generation Camaro parts and accessories you need to help you restore your 2002 Camaro.

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Best Sellers
Seat Hog Ring Set Part # 88-0327-3
Replacement Set Fastens Seat Cover Material To Seat Assembly 50-Piece Set Install With Pliers P/N 88-0326-3 Learn More
$3.99 Set
Car Cover, Disposable, Clear Part # 88-0263-3
Excellent Cover To Prevent Paint Damage From Tree Sap, Overspray & Bird Stool Use Over Your Good Cover To Keep It Dry Overnight At Car Shows May Be Reused Several Times Before Tossing Fits Any Type Of Vehicle 1 mil Polyethylene With Elastic Waist Cord Stores At 15" x 11" x 3" Expands To 22' x 12' NOTE:  Not To Be Used Over Freshly Painted Cars 6 Months Or Newer. This car cover is a must have for any enthusiast that drives their vehicles. If you think about all that time that you spend detailing your car, only to have a rain shower ruin your work, a car cover seems like a no-brainer. If you only had a waterproof cover that was small enough to fit under a seat or in the trunk for such emergencies. Rick's Camaros is happy to offer this durable cover which is great protection from rain, dust or pollen during car shows or cruise nights. It also protects vehicles in the garage from overspray or other garage activities and bugs during storage. These covers are made from polyethylene material which is waterproof and chemical resistant, to ensure absolute protection. While being disposable, these covers can still be used several times before tossing. Trust Rick's Camaros for all of your restoration and replacement needs for your Camaro! Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Window Handle Removing Tool Part # 88-0368-3
Ease to Use Durable metal construction for a long service life Ideal for upholstery Over time, you will inevitably have to replace your window handles on your prized 1967-2000 Camaro from excessive use or damage from harsh weather conditions. Make that frustrating job easier. Simply align with the shaft of the window handle and remove the window handle clips. Simply pull window handle away from window regulator. This window handle removing tool also works on vent window handles and door handles that have U-shape clips.  Make life easier! Trust Ricks Camaro  for all your restoration needs. Learn More

Was: $629.99 ea.

Now: $3.99 ea.
Spra Strip Paint Remover Part # 88-0169-1
Quickly and easily removes paint without affecting the factory gelcoat (when properly used). SpraStrip works well on the following paint finishes: lacquer, enamel, imron, acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane. Supplied in a one-gallon can. Spray bottle included. NOTE: Cannot Be Sold To California Or Canadian Customers Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Joint & Seam Sealer Part # 88-0187-3
Use To Seal Body Seams Inside Trunk, Floors & Doors Works WIth Any Standard Caulking Gun Flexible & Paintable Will Not Crack Or Peel Natural Color 11 Oz. Size Learn More
$9.99 ea.
Garage Floor Oil & Fluid Absorber Part # 88-0148-1
Perfect 18" x 24" Size Bound Carpet Mat With Marine Backing Helps Keep Floor Clean Learn More
$8.99 ea.
Brake Pressure Bleeder, Dual Master Cylinder Part # 88-0309-1
Bleeds Brakes Like The Professionals Pressurizes Brake Fluid So All Trapped Air Is Forced From System Will Fit Master Cylinder Openings Up To 4" x 6.5" Do It Yourself-No Helpers Required This Chevy brake master cylinder pressure bleeder is affordable and easy to use. Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, just fill the reservoir up with brake fluid, attach the special adapter to the master cylinder, pressurize the tank by hand, and bleed each caliper or wheel cylinder. The pressurized fluid eliminates any and all air pockets in the brake system, front to rear giving you the firmest pedal possible. This Chevy pressure bleeder fits all GM metal dual master cylinders commonly used with brake upgrades and power or non-power disc brake kits. This kit will even work on your classic 1955-58 Chevy with the original single master cylinder by purchasing adapter P/N 49-83. Eliminate your mushy brake troubles with this handy brake pressure bleeder. Learn More
$79.99 ea.
Fender Cover, Black, Gripper, Chevrolet Racing Logo Part # 88-0608-3
Impervious To Oil, Gas, Brake Fluid, Coolants, Lacquer Thinners, Etc. Thick Cushioned PVC Material Is Super Strong With Nylon Mesh Reinforcement Guaranteed Not To Slide Off Fenders 22" x 34" Completely Washable Holds Tools Like A Magnet Your Camaro's new paint job is too valuable to take chances with. Protect your fenders from scratches, dings, grease and grime while you're working under your hood with a fender cover form Rick's Camaros. Our Gripper fender cover lives up to its name thanks to vulcanized rubber construction that holds fast to your fender's surface. This cover will not bulge while you are working under the hood, offering superior, no hassle paint protection. Don't take chances with your investment. Protect your classic Camaro with a fender cover from Rick's Camaros. Learn More
$22.99 ea.
The Original California Car Duster Part # 88-0256-3
Quick & Easy To Use Treated Fibers Attract Dust Includes Storage Bag Dusters absorbent 100% cotton yarn soaks up dust and loose dirt in seconds and never needs cleaning. The dirtier they get, the better they work! Perfect for touch-ups at car shows. Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Fender Cover, Black, Gripper, Block Letters, Camaro Logo Part # 33-10276
Impervious To Oil, Gas, Brake Fluid, Coolants, Lacquer Thinners, Etc. Thick Cushioned PVC Material Is Super Strong With Nylon Mesh Reinforcement Guaranteed Not To Slide Off Fenders 22" x 34" Completely Washable Holds Tools Like A Magnet Great accessory for the man cave or garage. The spongy-sticky feel of this fender allows for the ultimate protection of your expensive paint job. The cushion will absorb most dropped wrenches and protect against the dreaded "belt buckle" or jacket zipper scratch while the stickiness will keep tools and bolts in their place while you are wrenching on your Camaro. Buy one for each fender today and protect your investment with quality tools and accessories from Rick's Camaros. Learn More
$22.99 ea.
Curb Alert Warning System Part # 88-1074-1
Warns With An Audible Alarm Prevents Embarrassing Parking Lot Moments Sensor Can Mount In A Discrete Manner In The Front End No Drilling Required Advanced Infrared Triangulation Technology Warning Distance Is Adjustable From 8-28" Alert Sound Volume Can Be Set to High, Low Or Mute You protect your front bumper with a mask, well wheels with splash guards, body paint with Cleartastic and wax, well what is protectiong the lower spoiler or bumper? Here it is. Now you can install a system that will notify you when you are nearing an item like those dreaded concrete tire stops in parking lots. This unit warns you before you run on top of it and damage your lower spoiler or worse split the bumper. This unit is especially needed for those that have lowered the car for more performance or just that great look. Simply to install instructions included. Learn More
$159.99 Kit
Battery Charger, Mity Mite Schumacher Part # 88-0158-2
BEST SELLER!! For vehicles that arent driven every day, or for storage during the winter, we use this compact, 1.5 amp 12 volt automatic battery charger. Just install in the vehicle and leave it in place then just plug it into any extension cord. It charges the battery whenever voltage drops by one volt. When the battery reaches full charge, it shuts itself off automatically to prevent overcharging. Charger includes on-off charging indicator. Two-year manufacturer warranty. Learn More
$54.99 ea.
Weatherstrip Removal & lnstallation Tools Part # 88-0116-3
4-Piece Kit Tools assist in removal of clips, old glue and adhesive and installation of new weatherstrip. Learn More
$24.99 Kit
Mini Dash & Interior Duster Part # 88-0406-1
Treated Fibers Attract Dust Long Handle For Extended Reach Washable & Completely Reusable Quick & Easy To Use Learn More
$7.99 ea.
Dash Paint, Semi Flat Black Part # 88-0290-3
Restore the face of your dash with our black dash paint.. Cannot be shipped by air. Learn More
$10.99 ea.
Glassmaster Pro Cleaning & Detailing Kit Part # 88-0246-1
Perfect Shape & Size For Cleaning & Detailing Hard-To-Reach Windshield Corners 14" Offset Handle Allows You To Keep Hands Off Detailed Windshield & Dash Includes Washable Bonnets The Glassmaster Professional Cleaning & Detailing Kit is ideal for reaching impossible to reach corners. For windshields and windows there is a nylon mesh bonnet for cleaning and a micro fiber bonnet for drying and polishing. For ease of use there are two sponge paddles which the bonnets cover and to make the job even easier the paddles detach from the handle. To complete the cleaning and detailing job a terry cloth bonnet is included for dusting and polishing the dashboard. Learn More
$19.99 Kit
Microfiber Max Car Duster Part # 88-1205-3
Treated Fibers Attract Dust 20" Extended Reach Plush Microfiber Strands Grab & Hold Surface Dust Washable & Completely Reusable Cleans Car Without Water & Safe On All Paint Surfaces Learn More
$12.99 ea.
Tire Storage Flat Stoppers, Race Ramps Part # 88-0122
22.3" Long x 14" Wide x 3.5" High At The Front Flatstoppers Hold Tires With Diameters From 25" To 30" 4-Piece Set Cars that sit for months on end in one place flat spot tires, it’s a fact. You can prevent tire flat spotting with Flat Stoppers. Flat Stoppers go underneath your tires to insulate them from temperature extremes and the special lightweight polystyrene construction eliminates uneven pressure points regardless of how long your car sits. Use Flat Stoppers to put an end to ruining expensive tires. Learn More
$269.99 Set
Parking Ding Protection Part # 88-0137-3
Here is a simple solution to save your paint and bodywork from careless drivers. When you leave your car unattended in a public parking lot, simply stick the suction cup rubber strip on your door and walk away with confidence. Learn More
$15.99 ea.
Differential Axle Lubricant, GM Part # 88-0322-3
Reproduction Of Original Officially Licensed GM Part Differential axle lubricant is essential for changing your rear axle fluid after a period of time to keep your Camaro running smoothly. Rick's Camaros offers this original GM licensed differential axle lubricant for your Camaro. Each rear axle requireds three 23 Oz. bottles of lubricant in order to run smoothly. Buy your differential axle lubricant today, at Rick's Camaros! Note: Add 1 bottle of additive (SS-151) if Positraction carrier. Learn More
$20.99 ea.
LED Rechargable Flashlight For Car Lighter, Black Part # 88-3205-3
One high power LED bulb outputs 35 lumens of light (bulbs rated for 110,000+ hours of life Anodized aircraft grade aluminum water-proof compact body design Weather-resistant 12V spring base designed to fit every automobiles 12V socket Recharging indicator glows red when plugged in Finally..a solution, NO BATTERIES! NEBO has developed just what people want, a high-powered LED light that NEVER needs batteries. The NEBO HIGHBEAM is an intense 35 lumen flashlight that charges in ANY 12V power outlet (cigarette lighter.) There's nothing greater than having a compact bright light that is always charged to have with you everywhere you go. Just turn the bezel clockwise to activate the 35 lumen LED, and turn the bezel counter clockwise to charge. The LED will glow red when HIGHBEAM is plugged in so you know it is charging. The HIGHBEAM is constructed with anodized aircraft grade aluminum and is completely weather-resistant. Learn More
$9.99 ea.
A-arm Splash Shield Staples Part # 88-1907-3
Replacment Quality Staple Set One Set consist of 10 Staples Used To Installs A-arm Splash Shields Recommended To Have Extra When Installing Splash Shields While splash shield staples may not be things that you often think about on your Chevy, they can be very important when driving in adverse weather or on unpaved terrain. Provided by Eckler's, these A-arm splash shield staples are used to mount your splash shields to your inner fender well. The splash shields are very important because they enable the inner fender well to keep water and dirt from the road from getting into your Chevy's engine compartment. Without these staples, the splash shields would not stay up, and thus your engine compartment can become clogged, leading to other more serious issues. This set of splash shield staples come with enough for both sides, but it is recommended to buy more in case any are lost. Stick with Eckler's for all your Chevy replacement needs! Learn More
$9.99 Set
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