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Vehicle: '2013 CHEVY CAMARO 1LT'

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Camaro Griffin Radiators, HP Series Part # MS-1855
Best Quality Replacement Camaro Radiator High Performance Griffin Cools Down Even The Hottest Engines Aluminum Construction For Durability  In-Line Construction For Best Air Flow & Maximum Cooling  Putting a high performance engine in your Camaro is nothing new. But, an aluminum radiator in a Camaro has only come around in the past 10 years or so. For higher performance and more efficiency, the choice of an aluminum radiator far outperforms a copper/brass radiator providing more total surface and fin area for heat exchange and longer elongated tubes for more flow. Aluminum construction is also more rigid and is welded to virtually eliminate leaks caused by torsion and vibration stress launching your Camaro can cause. Buy the best parts for your Camaro like our Griffin HP Radiator from Rick's Camaros and know you are getting the best for your standard Camaro, Super Sport (SS), Rally Sport (RS), Z28, Type LT or Berlinetta always at the best possible price. Learn More
Camaro Electric Fan Mounting Feet, 1967-2013 Part # 718249
Provides Mounting Elbows For Most Aftermarket Electric Fans Learn More
$15.99 Set
Be Cool Antifreeze Coolant Part # 88-9999-3
300,000 Mile Or 7 Year Service Life Unmatched Corrosion Protection Pre-Mixed - No Measuring Needed Self Sealing Capabilities Protects From -24 below Zero F To 267 F Perfect For High Horsepower Applications Or Stored Vehicles Now you can increase your service life of your engines coolant by replacing it with the new Be Coolant. This coolant will work in any American or European car or truck and will mix with any antifreeze/coolant. It is preferred to be used alone to attain the long service life. Its unmatched corrosion protection is great for high performance applications as well as vehicles that are not used daily or stored for long periods of time. 300,000 mile or 7 year service life can be expected it your system is complete drained of fluid and you install the Be Coolant. If you purchase a Be Cool Radiator and use exclusive Be Coolant you will extend your radiator warranty to two years. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Camaro Thermostat, SLP, Low Cool 160,2010-2013 Part # 718973
Increases Thermal Efficiency Reduce Operating Temperatures SLP offers a 160 thermostat for 2010-11 Camaro These low-temp thermostats dramatically reduce operating temperatures, while increasing thermal efficiency and your engine's performance in the process. Racers know that a cooler running engine is a better performing engine. This new thermostat replaces the factory unit, allowing coolant to circulate at lower engine temperatures, keeping the engine cooler. Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
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