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Camaro Book, The Definitive 1969 Camaro Z28/SS396 Fact Book Part # JMN-69
 Information On Z/28, SS396, SS350, COPO & ZL-1 Models Accurate and technical, in-depth book on 1969 Camaro as factory assembled. By noted Camaro historian Jerry Mcneish. 235 detailed pages, over 310 photos, part and casting numbers, ECL codes, decoding, identification, complete component finish identification for 67 thru 69. Learn More
$29.99 ea.
Camaro White Book, 1967-2011 Part # CWB-2
  Since 1985...   The first Camaro White Book was published in 1985.  New editions followed in 1987, 1993, 1997, and 2002.  We thought that last one would be the last one.   But Camaro came back and now the White Book has too.  Just as the car has evolved, so has the book.  Camaro White Books are still pocket-sized, but with thousands of Camaro facts, options and option codes, exterior and interior colors and codes, production figures, engine block and head casting numbers, original “window sticker” prices, and a compilation of the details that make each model unique.  All this is presented year-by-year...tons of information in an accessible format.  White Books have never been compilations of someone else’s inaccurate, incomplete charts.  These are start from scratch, thoroughly researched, beautifully presented.  And the latest 1967-2011 edition is far and away the best yet.     Better than ever The latest Camaro White Book has been resized by adding nearly an inch to its height.  The extra space permitted the addition of more data for every model year.  For starters, the book now contains V8 engine block and head casting numbers for every Camaro from 1967 through 2011. Alan Colvin, author of the superb Chevrolet by the Numbers books researched and provided this data.  To our knowledge, no other single book has attempted this.  Historical context has been added by including the thoughts of writers “back in the day.”  Complete 2010 data is presented including production volumes for options and colors.  Introductory material for 2011 is covered, including option descriptions and pricing breakdowns for coupes and convertibles.  Simply put, no other Camaro book comes close.     Authenticity No one’s perfect, but after a quarter century of attention to detail, the Camaro White Book has become the Camaro enthusiast’s go-to reference.  Next time you’re at a Camaro event, look what’s stuffed into the back pockets of the pros.     Specs 160 pages, soft bound, 4.375” x 10” vertical, 64 b/w photos, uncountable facts & figures. Learn More
$17.99 ea.
Camaro Book, The Definitive 1967-1968 Camaro Z28 Fact Book Part # JMN-67
One of the premier Camaro books on the market! Revised. By Jerry MacNeish. Illustrated, complete with part numbers, codes, also contains complete TRIM TAG decoding for all 67 Camaros, Protecto plate information, much more! 148 Pages. Learn More
$27.99 ea.
The Super Sport Story Book Part # 33-00141
Flexibound 348 Pages On the 1957 auto show circuit, Chevrolet unveiled a show car based on its Corvette and dubbed it the ?Super Sport.? The performance car world took one look and never looked back. A combination of styling and performance upgrades, the SS package could turn something as mundane as a six-cylinder Malibu into the fire-breathing Chevelle SS396. This book traces the long line of legendary SS models, from Chevy?s Super Sport version of its popular Impala, which marked the dawn of the muscle car era, to today?s Impala SS. Featuring the work of acclaimed photo ace David Newhardt, Chevy SS: The Super Sport Story provides a close-up, detailed, full-color look at such classic muscle cars as the Chevelle, the El Camino, the Malibu, and the Monte Carlo as well as today's hot Camaro SS. The book is a fittingly elegant celebration of the cars that redefined ?high performance? and defined an era. Learn More
$27.99 ea.
Vintage Hurst Shifter Guide, 1967-2013 Part # 33-10931
Reference Guide For All Hurst Shifters Details On Americas #1 Shifter Over One Hundred Detailed Pages Author: Peter Serio Made In The USA The Vintage Hurst Shifter Guide will give you all the knowledge you could possibly want about Hurst shifters for your  Camaro. Offered by Rick's Camaros, this guide will provide you with information from the earliest shifters to the most modern shifters. Packed with over one hundred pages of detailed information, this guide is a vital tool for your restoration research library. The Vintage Hurst Shifter Guide will help you find the answers to all of your shifter restoration questions. Not only will it help you in your own restoration projects, but you will become a valuable asset to others who want to know more. Whether it be your racer, street rod, show car, or daily driver, we have all the parts and guides for your restoration. Ricks Camaros is proud to help you along with your Camaro. Trust Rick's Camaro for all your restoration and replacement needs for your First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Generation Camaro! Learn More
$35.95 ea.
Chevrolet Indy Pace Car Book, 1948-1990 Part # PCB-1
Covers Pace Cars From 1948-1990 Including 1967, 1969 and 1982 Camaros Includes Information On VIN Numbers And Cowl Tags 218 Pages This "Out-of-Print" book is a must have for the Pace Car enthusiast or anyone who has fond memories of the cars which have graced "Gasoline Alley". Once these are gone, that will be it. Get yours from Rick's today at a great price! Learn More

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