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Positraction Differential Additive Part # 88-0321-3
4 Ounce Bottle Specially formulated by GM to stop the chattering and clunking frequently encountered in positraction rear ends. Use 1 container per rear end. Did you know? Many people in our hobby refer to positraction differential additive as limited slip axle lubricant additive, posi fluid and posi lube. Learn More
$16.99 ea.
Engine Oil Additive, ZDD Plus™ Part # 88-0370-3
Excellent For Preventing Cam & Lifter Wear On Non-Roller Cam Engines Ideal Substitute For GM's E.O.S. (Engine Oil Supplement) ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate) Brings Current SM Oil Catergory Back To SF Specifications For EP (Extreme Pressure) Required For All Engines Prior To OBD Vehicles With Flat Tappet Cams 4 Oz. Bottle It's a well known fact among engine rebuilders and mechanics, older engines especially performance engines prior to 1988, that have flat tappet setups required a well-known oil additive called ZDDP. The additive is made up of phosphorous, sulfur and zinc. By using the proper amount of these three chemicals, it makes ZDDP. This additive has been the most effective extreme pressure additive found in quality motor oil for almost 70 years. ZDDP is a surface modifier. It modifies bearing and journal surface characteristics to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Under the right conditions of heat and pressure, the zinc in the ZDDP actually plates over the contact surface and provides a sacrificial coating. As it breaks down, it dissipates back into the oil solution and remains in suspension until the right conditions arise and the process starts over again. This reduces the tendency of parts to scuff and gall under heavy-loaded boundary lubrication situations. Learn More
$10.99 ea.
Automatic Transmission Racing Fluid (ATF), Max Shift™, TCI® Part # RC-654
High Performance TCI Max Shift Transmission Fluid Runs Up To 30° Cooler Oil Soluable Molybendum Additive To Greatly Reduce Friction Handy 1 Gallon Size Max Shift™ ATF has been tested and proven to run up to 30° F cooler, even during extreme heat racing sessions and repeated usage. TCI® Max Shift™ ATF is uniquely formulated using a new oil-soluble molybdenum additive that greatly reduces internal friction and heat, yet does not effect clutch and band lock-up. It is made using base oils with extremely high viscosity index and the fluid contains a special defoamer agent that reduces fluid foaming even at 10,000 rpm. In addition, Max Shift™ ATF contains extreme pressure additives to help control gear fatigue and fracture, actually forming a fluid cushion from metal-to-metal contact. Learn More

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Fuel Fresh Additive Part # 88-0219-3
Prevents Gum & Varnish Formation Cleans Entire Fuel System Fuel Fresh is effective for safe storage protection up to 24 months. One self-measuring bottle treats approximately 200 gallons for everyday use and 100 gallons for storage. 32 Oz. Learn More
$10.99 ea.
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