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Joint & Seam Sealer Part # 88-0187-3
Use To Seal Body Seams Inside Trunk, Floors & Doors Works WIth Any Standard Caulking Gun Flexible & Paintable Will Not Crack Or Peel Natural Color 11 Oz. Size Learn More
$9.99 ea.
Windshield Glass & Body Sealant Part # 88-0118-3
Use Between Rubber & Body On Windshield & Rear Glass Works With Any Standard Caulking Gun 11 Oz. Tube Learn More
$7.99 ea.
3M Body Strip Caulking Part # 88-0277-3
Use For Windshield & Rear Glass Installation Use To Fill Other Body Cavities Non-Hardening Learn More
$26.29 ea.
3M Rubberized Undercoating Part # 88-0278-3
3M Rubberized Undercoating provides a tough film exceptionally resistant to abrasion. Since 3M Rubberized Undercoating remains flexible, its ideal for coating small or repaired areas. Learn More
$28.29 ea.
Steering Wheel Repair Kit Part # 88-0188-3
Handles Like Putty, Hardens Like Steel, Sands Like Wood! Works Great For Repairing Steering Wheels & Plastic Parts! 2oz Jar  Marine-Tex, the legendary high-strength repair compound designed for filling, bonding and rebuilding wood, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, metal, masonry and many plastics. Marine-Tex is manufactured to the highest standards to meet the harsh demands of the marine and industrial environments, and solve many problems for home, auto and hobby applications. Marine-Tex is a creamy paste consistency that can be applied on vertical or horizontal surfaces, easily fills gaps, and can be shaped to rebuild damaged components. Marine-Tex paste provides waterproof repairs that can be used with fiberglass tape or cloth to bridge holes and reinforce structural repairs as needed. Emergency and permanent repairs to machinery and equipment, hulls, decks, auto repair, stripped fasteners, piping and tanks are all easily accomplished with the mighty repair kit. Marine-Tex can be sanded or ground to shape, tapped and drilled, and finished with most common paints and coatings. Learn More
$23.29 ea.
Sheet Metal Sealant, Heavy-Duty Drip Chek, 3M Part # 88-0276-3
Used To Seal Small Cracks And Openings In The Factory Off-White, Fast Drying, Flexible And Paintable Rubber Based Material Commonly Used To Seal Drip Rails Against The Body Heavy Consistency Can Be Used In Vertical Seam Applications   Learn More
$22.29 ea.
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