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Camaro Manual Transmission Fluid, GM Synchromesh, 1967-1992 Part # 718963
The Only Recommended Fluid For Tremec Transmissions Three Quarts Recommended Learn More
$21.29 ea.
Pop'N'Flo No Mess Funnel Part # 88-3764-3
Patented Design Prevents Over Spills One Handed Operation Calibrated For Six 1-Ounce Increments Ideal For Filling All Fluids, Even In Tight Spots Everyone has those memories of using a funnel to help consume your favorite beer in the quickest but messiest way possible. Beer washes off easily… car fluids not so much. For the restorer whose worst nightmare is ruining a $15,000 engine with one slip of the funnel, Rick's has the product for you. This is more than a funnel with a fancy name (although it is one heck of a name) this is a patented design you can’t find in stores to ensure your clothes will remain mess free. The stopper at the bottom here is the key, as it blocks the fluid while suspended. However when you’re ready to insert the fluid simply pop the tube in, which releases the stopper and let it flow. As soon as you lift back up it seals back again leaving your engine bay in pristine condition, or at least as good as it was when you started. Here at Rick's we won’t even judge you if you want to buy a second one for your beer consumption, you can trust us. Learn More
$6.99 ea.
Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Additive, Trans Cool, Pro Blend Part # 88-0205-3
Reduces Transmission Wear By Reducing Metal To Metal Friction Reduces Transmission Fluid Temperature Up To 57 Degrees Dramatically Improves Shifting Works With All Automatic Transmissions Works With 1997-04 6-Speeds Pro Blend Tans Cool has developed the best transmission fluid additive for automatic transmission fluid on the market. By reducing friction, on the gears, bearings and the shafts it doubles the life of a transmission, plus fluid temperatures are reduced and shifting is smoother in hot or cold conditions. It’s a must for hi-performance driving. Learn More
$12.99 ea.
3 Item(s) Show per page Grid  List