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Rally Wheel Spray Paint, Argent Silver Part # 88-0291-3
A good selection of excellent quality, reasonably priced paints that provide durability and protection with appearances similar to factory original. All in easy to use aerosol spray cans. Learn More
$11.99 ea.
Camaro Trunk Spatter, Top Clear Coat, 1967-1969 Part # AP-102
  Provides A Durable Long Lasting Finish Protects Spatter Paint From Washing Off   Spatter paint is water soluble, if the trunk were to spring a leak or liquid were spilled into the trunk the liquid will be absorber by the spatter paint. Make sure you cover that new trunk paint with this clear top coat from Rick's. This trunk top coat clear will protect the spatter paint from moisture and offers a durable clear coat the will last for years. Learn More

Was: $16.99 ea.

Now: $12.99 ea.

Was: $21.99 ea.

Now: $16.99 ea.

Rust Encapsulator Black Aerosol Paint, 16oz Part # 88-1155-3
Epoxy-Fortified For Better Adhesion & Topcoat Compatibility Penetrates Deeper To Prevent Rust From Spreading Or Forming, Even In Hard-To-Reach Areas Cures Faster, & The Low-VOC Formula Is Acceptable In California 15-oz. Aerosol Covers About 10 sq. ft. As Seen On "My Classic Car" TV Show You thought it was good before...wait ’til you try this Rust Encapsulator! It seals and stops rust and corrosion from spreading, but it performs even better than our original formula. Tested against well-known brands, the Rust Encapsulator has proven to be superior in sunlight resistance, preventing rust creep, and overall durability. Learn More
$21.99 ea.
Hole & Seam Filler, POR-15® Part # 88-0268-3
Use To Repair Pinholes Or Seams In Body Metal Or Gas Tanks With No Welding Dries Hard Yet Remains Flexible Impervious To Fuel & Solvent Waterproof 4 Oz. Tube Black In Color Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Camaro Spray Paint, Black, Low Gloss, 1967-1992 Part # AP-105
16 oz. Spray Can Prevent Rust & Corrosion Concourse Finish Learn More

Was: $18.99 ea.

Now: $16.99 ea.

Camaro Firewall & Frame Marking Grease Pencil Set, White & Yellow, 1967-1969 Part # CR-15
Correct grease pencil type marking sticks for frame, body panels, firewall and more. Set of two: yellow and white. Learn More
$5.99 pr.
Exhaust Manifold Paint, POR-15® Part # 88-0266-3
Restores Factory Manifolds To Original Gray Color Brush Or Spray Application Learn More

Was: $56.99 pt.

Now: $29.99 pt.

Silver Cadmium Spray Part # 88-0297-3
Reproduces The Look Of Cadmium Plating Use On Hood Hinges, Door Latches, Carburetor Rods & More 12 Oz. Can Cannot Be Shipped By Air Learn More
$15.99 ea.
Cast Iron Spray Paint, Gray Part # 88-0285-3
A good selection of excellent quality, reasonably priced paints that provide durability and protection with appearances similar to factory original. All in easy to use aerosol spray cans. Learn More
$11.99 ea.
Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) Part # 88-1314-3
Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New! Easy To Use With Detailed Instructions 8oz Tub Goes A Long Way Eckler's is proud to announce a breakthrough in metal protection for your classic ride. RPM (Rust Prevention Magic) keeps metal parts looking brand new! No more painting and changing the look of the part. RPM was developed for and used exclusively on the "Project Valiant" which scored a best in show at the Mopar Nationals and was awarded the highest scoring OE car ever! This new wax-like product is easy to apply and will protect bare metal from rusting. It will not reverse rust or remove it, so you will need to sandblast or glass bead any rusty parts clean first. You apply it by heating the clean part up to 120 degrees F using a hair blow dryer or heat gun, then you brush the RPM on with included paint brush. The substance melts as it is brushed onto the hot part. It gets into the pores of the metal and prevents rust from forming. Wipe the excess RPM off with a towel or paper towel and let it come back to room temperature and dry. The RPM dries to an invisible barrier that prevents rust from forming. Learn More
$34.99 ea.
Diamond Clear Satin Finish Part # 88-0305-3
For Bare Metal 12 Ounce Spray This product delivers the same durable protection with clarity as our High Gloss version: Classic Chevy is pleased to announce Eastwood's new addition to their line of Diamond Clear products. They have responded to your requests to deliver a durable coating that protects while presenting a bare metal appearance. This new coating resists fuels while standing temperatures up to 300° F. Great for providing an invisible protective barrier for aluminum manifolds, cast alloy valve covers, distributors, alternator housings and more. Learn More
$15.99 ea.
Rubberized Rust Encapsulator Undercoating, Black Part # 88-0422-3
Flexible Finish Protects Surfaces From Abrasions, & Deadens Sound Epoxy-Fortified For Better Adhesion & Durability Withstands Up To 250°F One Aerosol Covers About 10 Square Feet Unlike off-the-shelf under coatings, Rubberized Rust Encapsulator can be applied directly over rust and without the bubbling that creates air pockets thus trapping rust. Since it is engineered with high-tech flex agents, its pliable finish protects surfaces from abrasions, road hazards and deadens sound. So durable it exceeded 1,000 hours of salt spray chamber testing, this surpasses the standards for a 2-component catalyzed coating! Simply apply directly over rust or bare metal; no need to topcoat. Remains flexible and durable. Satin black finish. Application: Use a wire brush to remove loose rust, scale and paint, and remove dust, grease and oil deposits. Feather surrounding paint with 220-grit sandpaper. Shake can for at least 2 minutes once the mixing ball starts to rattle. Hold the Rubberized Rust Encapsulator can 10"-12" above surface as you spray. A single coat dries to the touch in 20 minutes, and is thoroughly dry in 3-4 hours at 68°F. For greater durability, a second coat can be applied 1 hour after the first. Allow 6-8 hours after the last coat before applying topcoat. Use over or under body fillers. Content: 15-oz. Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Aluminum Spray Paint Part # 88-0286-3
A good selection of excellent quality, reasonably priced paints that provide durability and protection with appearances similar to factory original. All in easy to use aerosol spray cans. Learn More
$11.99 ea.
Spray Paint, Manifold, VHT Hi-Temp Nu-Cast Part # 88-0289-3
Resists Heat Up To 1200 F Ideal For Exhaust Manifolds, Headers, Pipes & Mufflers 11 Oz. Spray Learn More
$13.99 ea.
Gas Tank Zinc Tone Paint Part # 88-0299-3
Protects Tank Against Rust & Provides A Fresh, New Look This gas tank coating contains zinc to protect against rust damage and stop minor surface rust from spreading. Cannot be shipped by air. Learn More
$15.99 ea.
Metal Ready POR-15®, Quart Part # 88-3402-3
Safe & Easy To Use Removes Surface Rust In Minutes! Coats Metal With Zinc Phosphate Provides Perfect Base For All Paints Gives Better Welding Conductivity PREP & READY provides the best adhesion for POR-15 on any metal surface, including aluminum and shiny polished metal surfaces. This simple process gently etches metal, creating an ideal anchor pattern for coatings such as POR-15®, while simultaneously leaving a zinc phosphate coating to insure chemical bonding of paint andsteel. PREP & READY Features Easy to use - one step process No harmful residues Is reuseable Removes surface rust in minutes Coats metal with zinc phosphate Insures perfect paint adhesion Provides perfect base for all paints Gives better welding conductivity. Avoid other preps that may leave harmful residues which prevent proper adhesion. After thoroughly degreasing your work piece, apply environmentally safe PREP & READY to both neutralize any rust and etch any clean bare metal. This will allow better adhesion of POR-15 or any other paint. PREP & READY is not caustic, corrosive, toxic or flammable. Learn More
$19.99 qt.
Camaro Spray Paint, Blue/Gray, For Steering Box, 1967-1981 Part # AP-108
16 oz. Spray Can Formulated To Perfectly Match The Factory Color Concourse Finish Learn More

Was: $19.99 ea.

Now: $16.99 ea.

Radiator Black Spray Part # 88-0301-3
Most Radiators Required 2 Cans For Full Coverage 12 Ounce Spray Can Made In The USA   Standard engine paints are too thick for radiator use because they can interfere with heat transfer and block air flow between the cooling fins. Also, standard paint tends to flake off radiator tanks. Radiator Black helps solve this problem. Durable Enamel formulation resists temperatures up to 250ºF, gas and chipping. One can covers 6 square feet (most radiators require 2 cans). Net wt. 12 oz. Radiator Black Gloss - Many have asked for a lower sheen radiator black. The lower gloss sheen resembles the gloss level of modern plastic tank radiators and some imports. Learn More
$14.99 ea.
Brake Caliper Paint System, Red Part # 88-0314-3
Produces High Gloss Finish Withstands High Brake Temperatures Easy Brush-On Applications Cannot Be Ship By Air Today's custom wheels show brake calipers more than ever before and this G2 paint system from Eckler's allows them to look their best. Everything necessary to dress-up and protect your Chevelle's brake calipers is contained in this set. The G2 Brake Caliper Paint System set includes a high-performance brake caliper spray cleaner, a two-part high gloss paint that withstands up to 980ºF, a mixing stick and an application brush. Unlike spray can products, this G2 brake caliper brush-on paint is neater to apply, will not flake off and dries much harder. Your brake calipers will look fantastic and they'll be protected against rust and corrosion. Eckler's has the products that make your Chevelle stand out in any crowd. Learn More

Was: $42.99 Kit

Now: $39.99 Kit

Wrinkle Black Paint 12oz Aerosol Part # 88-1153-3
No Primer Required Original Wrinkle Finish Reproduce the original wrinkle finish on parts such as heater boxes, dashboards ignition wire holders, valve covers and more. Tack-free in 20-30 minutes. 24 hours for full hardness. For metal only. Each can covers 4 sq. ft. Learn More
$14.99 ea.
Rust Doctor Non-Toxic Rust Repair System, Quart Part # 88-1175-3
Non Toxic Converts Rusty Metal To Black Magnetite Rust Doctor is a non-toxic, water based latex paint that allows you to paint over rusty metal and then topcoat with any kind of paint without the need to sand or grind to bare metal. Unlike other products on the market, Rust Doctor contains no solvents, acids, or harsh chemicals. It is completely non-toxic. How it works Rust Doctor works on a molecular level to chemically convert rusty metal to black magnetite -- a very hard form of iron oxide. Because magnetite is inert (will not react with moisture and oxygen), it creates a protective layer that keeps the metal from rusting. One Step Application To further ensure complete rust elimination, the Rust Doctor paint formula includes a high-quality latex primer that bonds with the magnetite surface. This allows immediate application of a top coat with any kind of paint (latex, epoxy, oils, etc.). In one simple step, the rust is converted to magnetite and the surface is primed. Learn More
$41.99 qt.
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