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Stainless Steel Trim Anvil Tool Part # 749179
This Small Steel Anvil With Stand Has Many Flats And Shapes To Make Straightening Your Trim A Breeze 5-1/4" Long For Best Results Use With Trim Hammer P/N 49-192 Learn More
$17.99 ea.
Stainless Steel Trim Hammer Tool Part # 749180
The Ideal Size And Shape For Removing Dents From Stainless Steel Trim Features A Flat Head For Wide Trim And A Narrow Head For Tight Corners Head Of Hammer Is 4" Long For Best Results, Use With Our Anvil P/N 49-193 Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Brake Line Forming Tool Part # 749168
A Must Have For Shaping And Tweaking Brake Lines Use With 3/16" And 1/4" Brake Lines Forged 9" Pliers With Vinyl Grips Bends Lines Without Distortion Or Crushing Learn More
$24.99 ea.
3/8" Spotweld Drill Bit Tool Part # 749171
Completely Drills Out Spot Welds For Easy Panel Removal Does Not Cut Into The Bottom Skin Solid One-Piece Cutter Machined From M2 Tool Steel Self-Centering Point Prevents "Drill Walking" Extremely Durable - Shop Tested At Over 300 Cuts Without Resharpening Learn More
$24.99 ea.
Vinyl And Dash Repair Kit Part # 749181
Save $ - Don't Replace It, Repair It! Allows Professional Repair Of Vinyl Or Plastic Upholstery And Dash Pads Match Your Color With The 7 Different Colors Provided Select The Appropriate Graining Paper To Duplicate Grain On Your Car Apply Heat With The Micro Disc Iron To Complete The Repair Includes 7 Colors, Graining Papers, Spatula, Iron And Instructions Learn More
$27.99 Kit
Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) Part # 88-1314-3
Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New! Easy To Use With Detailed Instructions 8oz Tub Goes A Long Way Eckler's is proud to announce a breakthrough in metal protection for your classic ride. RPM (Rust Prevention Magic) keeps metal parts looking brand new! No more painting and changing the look of the part. RPM was developed for and used exclusively on the "Project Valiant" which scored a best in show at the Mopar Nationals and was awarded the highest scoring OE car ever! This new wax-like product is easy to apply and will protect bare metal from rusting. It will not reverse rust or remove it, so you will need to sandblast or glass bead any rusty parts clean first. You apply it by heating the clean part up to 120 degrees F using a hair blow dryer or heat gun, then you brush the RPM on with included paint brush. The substance melts as it is brushed onto the hot part. It gets into the pores of the metal and prevents rust from forming. Wipe the excess RPM off with a towel or paper towel and let it come back to room temperature and dry. The RPM dries to an invisible barrier that prevents rust from forming. Learn More
$34.99 ea.
Rivet Tool Set, Small Part # 88-0365-3
A "Must" For Authentic Restorations Factory Like Results With A Tool You Can Use At Home For Use On Items Like Vent Doors,  Heater Plenums & Grille Rivets Rivets not included with tool Learn More
$33.99 Set
Sandbag & Teardrop Mallet Set Part # 749169
These Are The Tools You Need If You Need To Form Your Own Metal Shapes For Body Repairs Sandbag Supports Your Piece While Allowing You To Shape The Panel With The Mallet Shapes Metal Without Nicks, Dents Or Gouges 18"x18" Durable All-Leather Bag Includes 2-1/2” Face Teardrop Mallet Learn More
$64.99 Set
Clecos Panel Holder Set Part # 749170
Firmly Holds And Positions Panels For Welding Includes 10 Blind Holders, 2 Side Grip Holders And Compression Pliers Completely Reusable Requires Drilling Of 1/8" Holes For Each Cleco Excellent For Installing Heavy Quarter Panels And Other Body Panels Learn More
$37.99 Set
Paint & Rust Removal Disc Tool Part # 749178
4-1/2" Disc With 7/8" Center Arbor Hole Open Mesh Silicone Carbide Disc Resists Clogging Quickly Removes Paint And Rust Without Damaging Good Steel Max 6500 RPM Learn More
$9.99 ea.
7-Piece Body Hammer And Dolly Tools Set Part # 749174
Includes 3 Hammers With Fiberglass Handles Also Includes 4 Dollies Of Various Shapes And Sizes Each Hammer And Dolly Have Polished And Hardened Surfaces For Precision Metal Shaping Includes Carrying Case Learn More
$79.99 Set
Fender Finisher Lip Tool Part # 749177
The Safe Easy Way To Alter Quarter And Fender Openings For Wider Tires No Welding Or Painting Required Includes Instructions   Learn More
$49.99 ea.
No-Weld Patch Panel Installer Kit Tool Part # 749175
Allows Installation Of Steel Patch Panels Without A Welder Includes Both Dimpling And Flanging Pliers, Compression Pliers, 3 Side Grip Holders And 20 Blind Holders Also Includes Panel Adhesive And Mixing Nozzles, Caulking Gun Adapter And Complete Instructions Does Not Include Caulking Gun Learn More
$109.99 Kit
Repousse Body Hammer Tool Part # 749176
11/16"" Ball Peen And 1"" Flat Faces 2-1/2" Head Length Unique Handle Design Provides Ideal Balance And Comfort 9-3/4" Handle Length Ideal For Body Work Learn More
$24.99 ea.
Rubber and Vinyl Restorer Part # 88-0440-3
Warranty: 90 days Content: 6 Fl. Oz Plus 3 Free Brushes Rubber & Vinyl Restore is a unique formula that actually rejuvenates and restores dried out rubber and vinyl. Its deep penetrating formula restores elasticity and conditions rubber & vinyl, keeping it pliable for a long time. Restoring it saves you the expense of replacing costly weather-stripping, vinyl tops, floor mats and so much more. One 6 ounce bottle covers about 10 square feet. Square footage may vary depending on condition of rubber/vinyl. Learn More
$18.99 Kit
Trigger Grip Spray Gun Adapter, Aerosol Can Part # 81-001
Helps Combat Fatique When Spraying Large Areas Helps Cover More Evenly Works With Any Full Size Spray Can Have you ever had to spray four or five Rally Wheels or a bunch of little brackets or bolts? If you have, you know that your hands and fingers can get awfully tired trying to hold the spray can and push the nozzle on top. No More! Rick's First Generation brings you the Trigger Grip! Keeps your hand in an ergonomic position so you can work longer and not harder. Learn More

: $6.99 ea.

Sale Price: $3.99 ea.

Panel Clamps Tool Set Part # 749172
Provides Perfect Panel Alignment For Precise Butt Welds Use For All Types Of Sheet Metal Body Repairs Provides A Lifetime Of Use Set Of 4 Learn More
$29.99 Set
Metal Shear Tool Part # 749173
"Throatless" Tool Allows Long Cuts Across Large Panels Makes Quick, Clean Cuts - Straight Or Intricately Curved Rack And Pinion Gearing Improves Your Leverage Tool Steel Blades Slice Thru Up To 14-ga. Mild Steel Made From Rugged Cast Iron Learn More
$179.99 ea.
18 Item(s) Show per page Grid  List