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Camaro Courtesy Light Bracket, Under Dash, 1967-1969 Part # IN-98
Quality Reproduction of Original (2) Required per Car Made in USA Wiring Harnesses per Application Sold Separately See More Photos For Part Installed on Car Rick's First Generation offers this neat little factory option for your Camaro. These courtesy light brackets mount to the  underside of the dash one on either side. Connect the separate wiring harness to the fuse box, install the bulbs into the sockets (sockets are part of the wiring harness) and you have foot lighting which lights up on the driver and passenger side front floors. Learn More
$10.99 ea.
Camaro Headlight Switch, For Cars Without Rally Sport Hidden Headlights, 1968-1969 Part # SW-2
Premium Quality Headlight Switch Replaces Original Exactly Fits 1968-1969 Camaros For Camaros Without Rally Sport Hidden Headlights   Your 1968 or 1969 Chevrolet Camaro was meant to be seen. It’s obvious that every time you pull into a gas station or get a crowd at the local car show, your baby really turns heads. Well, the same is true when driving at night. However, you’re finding that your Camaro is not turning heads, because no one sees you coming! Not only is having a faulty headlight switch deterring positive attention, but it is dangerous when driving at night. Over the years, these switches deteriorate leading to bad rheostats or outright failure. Symptoms that your Camaro may exhibit include a burning electrical smell from your dash when your headlights are on, inability to dim or adjust your instrument panel lights, faulty movement of the mechanical parts, or flickering of the lights. Even though your headlight switch is fairly simple to replace, we always recommend consulting your Camaro service shop manual. First, you will need to access the back of the switch where you will find a small 1/4 inch button. Pull the knob while simultaneously pressing the little button. Your headlight knob should then come out. Next, unscrew the round nut that holds the switch to the dash. Pull the switch out from behind the dash and unplug it from the harness. Then, just reverse the actions to re-install. It’s that easy. Here at the Rick’s Camaros, we always strive to bring you the best in high quality electrical components. After all, your baby deserves the best. Learn More

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Camaro Ignition Switch, 1968 Part # SW-7
Your Camaro's ignition switch allows the battery to send a powerful surge of electricity to the starter when the car is being started. Without this switch in good working order, you are dead in the water…or the parking lot. It also allows you to control many of the car's accessories when the car is parked while preventing accessories from running down the battery. Sometimes located on the dash or steering column, replacement can be easy with basic mechanical knowledge, hand tools and afternoon. Always reference your Camaro’s service shop manual before tackling an electrical project like this. Nothing is worse then a dead car. Breathe some new life into your baby with a high quality, new ignition switch from Ricks Camaros.   HINT: For Automatic Transmission Cars, If the engine will not crank with the car in park, push down the brake pedal and try cranking the engine with the car in neutral. If it starts, your ignition switch is good and most likely your neutral safety switch is bad.  This test is bypassing the park position in the switch and now is using the little used neutral circuit. If in neutral the engine starts the neutral safety switch is probably bad. We have the widest selection of neutral safety and back-up switches in the industry to get you back on the road. Learn More
$19.99 ea.
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