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Camaro Fan Clutch, AC Delco, 1980-1982 Part # 33-10708
Best Quality Replacement Fan Clutch For Your Camaro Cast Aluminum Construction AC Delco Professional Series Part Factory OE Specifications Assembled In The USA The fan clutch of your 1980, 1981, or 1982 Camaro could be having problems for several different reasons.  Does your Camaro have cooling issues, or have you noticed that your fan blade wobbles more than 1/4 of an inch? Your Camaro's fan clutch is most likely in need of a replacement, and Rick's Camaros is here to replace it! Whether you're replacing your water pump, radiator, pulleys, or simply freshening up your engine bay, Rick's Camaros has the correct OE fan clutch for your needs. Our fan clutches are manufactured by AC Delco, with a reputation for long lasting parts. Don't let your Camaro suffer any longer from a faulty fan clutch. Rick's Camaros strives to offer only the best restoration and replacement parts for your 1980, 1981, and 1982 Camaro.   Applications       1982 L4-151ci 2.5L F/I Vin 2         1981 V6-231ci 3.8L 2 BBL Vin A         1981 V8-305ci 5.0L 4 BBL Vin H         1981 V8-350ci 5.7L 4 BBL Vin L         1980 V6-231ci 3.8L 2 BBL Vin A         1980 V8-305ci 5.0L 4 BBL Vin H         1980 V8-350ci 5.7L 4 BBL Vin L Learn More
$57.99 ea.
Camaro AC Delco, Coolant Water Outlet, Inline 6, 1979 Part # 33-11725
Restoration Correct Original AC Delco Part Correct Fit And Finish Fits Inline 6 Engine Made In USA Is coolant leaking from your 1979 Camaro? You could have a cracked Coolant Water Outlet. Ricks Camaros offers this AC Delco replacement outlet. In many engines, the thermostat housing serves as the coolant outlet and is located on either the cylinder block or intake manifold. Coolant typically flows out of the housing, through a large hose, and into the radiator. These housings hold the thermostat that regulates the flow of coolant through the engine and radiator. They are typically made of a plastic composite, aluminum, pot metal, or other similar materials. A fiber gasket will typically be used to connect the thermostat housing to the block or intake manifold, though plastic and rubber gaskets also exist. Don't trust just any replacement part for your 1979 Camaro, use AC Delco the same part that came on your car from the factory. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More
$28.99 ea.
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