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Wolfstein Pro Series
Since 1996, WOLFSTEINS PRO SERIES has been supplying premier manufacturers of convertible, tonneau and marine topping with the world's first cleaning and protection system for fabric and vinyl. With this heritage and intense focus on research and development, WOLFSTEINS PRO SERIES continues to lead the industry by offering state of the art cleaning and protecting products exclusively for fabric and vinyl. Over three years of continuous product testing has produced a unique U.V. polymer formula that micro-bonds to fabric and vinyl creating a protective barrier to guard against the elements of nature and man. BIMINI TOPP and RAGGTOPP Cleaner are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Safely remove the toughest soils, stains and mildew on fabric and vinyl. BIMINI TOPP, RAGGTOPP Fabric Protectant and RAGGTOPP Vinyl Protectant without Silicone can be applied in the sun or shade without masking the boat, car and tonneau cover off. Both products provide superior U.V. protection with U.V. stabilizers without harming interior or exterior appointments. WOLFSTEINS PRO SERIES products have been thoroughly tested and endorsed by The Haartz Corporation , the world's leading (OEM) manufacturer of engineered coated fabrics for virtually every American and European convertible automobile manufactured throughout the world.
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Cloth Top Care Kit, Convertible, RAGGTOPP Part # 88-0251-3
Contains RAGGTOPP Cleaner & RAGGTOPP Cloth Protectant 16 Oz. Spray Bottle Cleaner 14 Oz. Ozone Friendly Spray Buy The Kit & Save Cannot Be Shipped By Air   RAGGTOPP Cleaner Safely Removes Even The Toughest Soils & Stains Safe For Both Vinyl & Cloth Tops Will Not Harm Metal, Plastic Or Rubber Anti-Oxident, Low pH, No Bleach Formula Leaves No Residue Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable Non-Toxic Tested & Endorsed By Haartz (The Factory Supplier Of Convertible Top Cloth For Corvettes) RAGGTOPP Cloth Protectant Ideal For Protecting New Tops Renews & Extends The Life Of Cloth Tops Tested & Endorsed By Haartz (The Factory Supplier Of Convertible Top Cloth For Corvettes) Professional Strength Formulation Without Silicone Learn More

Was: $38.99 Kit

Now: $33.99 Kit
RAGGTOPP Vinyl Convertible Top Cleaner Part # 88-0253-3
Removes Soils & Stains Safely From Vinyl Retards Formation Of Mildew 16 Oz. Pump Spray Bottle For the true ragtop enthusiast, keeping your convertible top clean and protected is key to it's longevity. This RAGGTOPP cleaner safely removes soils & stains and retards mildew. Use with RAGGTOP Protectant (Item# CLN-103) to provide a richer appearance while restoring the water and stain repellancy of your Camaro's convertible top. The 16 oz. pump spray bottle makes the cleaner easy to apply. Learn More
$13.99 ea.
RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Protectant Part # 88-0252-3
Ideal For Protecting New Fabric Tops 14 Oz. Spray Can Renews & Extends The Life Of Older Tops Tested & Endorsed By Haartz (The Factory Supplier Of Convertible Top Fabric For Corvettes And Camaros) RAGGTOPP is for the top fabric and plastic windows of all convertible tops. RAGGTOPP just sprays on to keep water, oil and stains off the top. It also provides UV protection and can be reapplied as needed. Cannot ship by air. Learn More
$24.99 ea.
RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant Part # 88-0670-3
Exclusive Formulated For Exterior/Interior Commercial Vinyl Products Contains NO Silicone Oils Or Petroieum Distillates Helpds To Repel Dust, Grease, Dirt Abnd Prevents Mildew Stains Contains Ultraviolet (UV) Absorbers/Blockers Can Be Safely Used On All Vinyl Without Streaking Easy Application: Spray On/Wipe Off 16 oz Bottle Eckler's now offers Vinyl Protectant for both inside and outside of your Classic Car from RaggTop. This great product contains NO Silicone oil, so no worries regarding your paint surface. RaggTopps Vinyl Protectant does contact Ultraviolet (UV) Absorbers and Blockers. Will not streak, easy to apply, spray on/Wipe off. You'll be glad you choose one of the fine products from RaggTopp. Learn More
$18.99 ea.
Raggtopp Cleaner/Protectant Kit, Plastic Window, Convertible Top Part # 88-0416-3
Safely Removes Enviromental Oxidation Protects Against UV Damage Contains No Silicone Exclusively Developed For Exterior Plastic/Vinyl Convertible Automotice Windows Anti-Static Ingredients Prevents Build Up Of Dust And Dirt 4 oz. RaggTopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner 4 oz. RaggTopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Protectant Foam Applicator Pad, 4.25 in. x 3.5 in. x 1 in. Microfiber Applicator Pad, 5 in. x 3.5 in. x 1 in. Microfiber Towel, 15 in. x 15 in. The RaggTopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner & Protectant Kit is your best defense against yellowing plastic windows. These two products maintain the clarity and like-new appearance of convertible top windows. And they?re easy to use! Boosted with Polycharger, RaggTopp Plastic Window Cleaner and Plastic Window Protectant are made to work hand in hand to keep your convertible top in pristine condition. Learn More
$29.99 Kit
RaggTopp Leather Cleaner/Protectant Care Kit Part # 88-0671-3
Deep Cleans And Revitalizes Leather Exposed To The Sun, Sweat, Body Oils And Stains Designed Specifically For The Convertible Enthusiast,Driver And Athlete Fore Use On All Standard, Perforated Graind, Top Coated Automotive Leathers Cleans Gently Without Harming The Natural Beauty And Leather Feel Non-Hazardous And Non-Toxic Neutral Formulation Helps To Maintain The Leathers Ideal pH Hypo Allergenic For Sensitve Skin Leaves NO Residue Contains NO Waxes, Oils Or Solvents Eckler's now offers from RaggTopp the first Leather Cleaner and Leather Protectant with UV developed exclusively for convertible automobile leather interiors. Patented pending quick drying, non-oily, non-residue, non-tacky formula safely cleans perspiration, salt and oil from fine leather. Contains NO waxes, oils or solvent and is hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin. UV blockers from CIBA add extra protection to leather and stitching exposed to the elements. Learn More
$39.99 Kit
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