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P21S Polishing Soap 10.6oz Part # 88-0225-3
Based on technology used by European silversmiths, P21S Polishing Soap is a firm, smooth, clay-based polish that gets applied with it's own sponge. Wet the sponge, draw it across the polishing soap, squeeze sponge to create a lather and begin polishing! Rinse with water or allow to to dry to haze and buff off. Dulling, rust and corrosion disappear in seconds, many times faster and easier than the "2 finger" polishing that soft pastes have offered for years. This 10.6 oz jar outlasts several tubes of polish. Learn More
$10.99 ea.

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P21S Chrome Polish Part # 88-0224-3
P21S Chrome Polish A unique multi-surface polish specifically formulated for the variety of surfaces found on today's automobiles. P21S Chrome Polish and Finish Restorer easily renews badly tarnished metals to a brilliant shine, yet remains mild enough to use on paintwork and plastics.  3.56oz Learn More
$10.99 pk.

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P21S Paintwork Cleanser 11.8oz Part # 88-0221-3
Proper surface preparation is absolutely essential to obtain the perfect wax job. What seperates P21S Cleanser from other pre-cleaners is an advanced polishing system that is more selective about which areas of a painted surface need and don't need attention. Goes on easy, comes off even easier with no "elbow grease" or powder residue to deal with. 11.8 fluid oz bottle. Learn More
$15.99 ea.

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P21S, Carnauba Blend Paste Wax Part # 88-0222-3
Give your car the ultimate concours shine in minutes! A rich blend of pure Brazilian #1 yellow carnauba and beeswax delivers a dynamite shine that lasts and lasts. A paste wax that's virtually as easy to use as liquid, P21S wax goes on and comes off with incredible ease and no powder residue. How good is it? In an independent test of 47 waxes, conducted by Guru Reports, P21S ranked as the top paste wax. 6.2 oz. Learn More
$33.99 ea.

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P21S Window Wash Boost Part # 88-0220-3
On Germany's Autobahn when you are travelling at 150mph and a bug meets your windshild, you need a product that will deal with that will cut through the oily road grime. P21S Windshield Wash Booster was developed for these makes streaking a thing of the past. Add a pre-measured amount to your fluid resevoir and let your wipers work to their fullest. One bottle does up to 26 quarts of washer fluid. Learn More
$8.99 ea.

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