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Starter Heat Shield Part # 88-0176-1
Insulates Starter From Damaging Heat From Headers Or Exhaust Pipes Reflects 90 Of Radiant Heat Strap-On Connectors For Secure Tight Fitting Application 7" x 22" Blanket Learn More
$29.99 Kit
Camaro Engine Starter Heat Shield Blanket, 1967-1969 Part # STR-13
Helps Keep Exhaust Heat Off Starter Ensures Easy Engine Starting Ideal For Solving Heat Related Starting Problems Protect your Camaro's starter and solenoid from exhaust manifold or header heat with this aluminized blanket. It withstands up to 1000F, wraps simply around the components and fastens to itself with Velcro. Trim to fit. Learn More

Was: $35.99 ea.

Now: $29.99 ea.
Thermo-Tec Battery Wrap Barrier Kit Part # 88-1351-3
Withstands Heat Up To 2000 Degrees Protects Battery & Acts As An Acid Neutralizer Easy Installation 8" X 40" The World's only acid-neutralizing heat barrier mat. It reflects over 90% of radiant heat, traps and neutralizes battery acid, protects against corrosion, is recyclable, protects the environment, and is inexpensive and easy to install. The Battery Heat Barrier Kit is completely safe to handle before and during installation. It is used by all branches of the United States military. Learn More
$26.99 ea.
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