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Camaro Heat Shield Set, Spark Plug Wire, Exhaust Manifold, 1967-1981 Part # RC-64
Correct Reproduction of Original Galvanized Finish Two Piece as Original Assembly Screws Included Shield to Block Bolts Available Separately as Part # HW-80   This reproduction spark plug wire heat shield set can keep you and your Camaro from sitting on the side of the road with a burned up spark plug wire. Here at Rick's First Generation we use these on our correct restorations and our daily drivers. Buy the best parts for your restoration from Rick's First Generation. Learn More
$33.29 ea.
Camaro Exhaust Manifold Stud Set, Small Or Big Block, Steel, 1967-1992 Part # RC-153
Good Quality Reproduction Functional OEM Steel Studs Mild Steel Nuts Fits Big Blocks Or Small Blocks Does Both Sides   Learn More
$14.99 Set
Calyx Exhaust Manifold Dressing Part # 88-0260-3
To keep your cast iron exhaust manifolds looking concours prepared perfect, use Calyx Manifold Dressing. It applies with a flannel cloth and polishes to a silver shine in seconds. After the manifold is prepared with calyx, apply when necessary, very little upkeep is required. Application of the dressing does not require removal of the manifolds. Calyx Manifold Dressing will not burn and is non-toxic. One container, 3 ounces, will do 3 sets of cast iron exhaust manifolds. Learn More
$18.99 ea.
Camaro Exhaust Manifold Smog Fitting Plug Set, 1967-1981 Part # RC-614
Exhaust manifold plugs block-off smog tube inserts in exhaust manifold. Set of Eight. Learn More
$11.99 Set
Camaro Exhaust Manifold Washer Set, Small Block, Thick, 1967-1969 Part # PSC-40
Reproductions in special thick flat round washer used with small block exhaust manifold bolts. Set does one engine. Learn More
$6.99 Set
Camaro AC Delco, EFE Valve, 1978-1981 Part # 33-11223
Restoration Correct Original AC Delco Part Correct Fit And Finish Fits V8 Engines Made In USA IS your 1978-1981 Camaro running rough? It could be a failed EFE Valve, Ricks Camaros offers this original AC Delco replacement. This system is used to provide a source of rapid heat for quick induction system warm-up during cold engine operation. Rapid heat is more desirable because it provides for better fuel evaporation and a more uniform mixture.The vacuum operated type EFE heat control valve is mounted between the exhaust manifold and pipe. The valve directs a portion of the exhaust gases through the intake manifold during engine warm-up. A thermal vacuum switch or a solenoid is used to control the EFE valve operation. When engine coolant or oil temperature is at or below a specified temperature, the thermal vacuum switch will allow vacuum flow to the EFE control valve, diverting exhaust gases through the intake manifold. When coolant or oil temperature rises above the specified value, the thermal vacuum switch will close off vacuum to the EFE control valve, stopping exhaust gas flow through the intake manifold. Replace that faulty EFE Valve on your 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 Camaro with the same part used when it was new. Trust Ricks Camaros for all your parts needs. Learn More
$170.99 ea.
6 Item(s) Show per page Grid  List