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Camaro FAQ Camaro FAQ

Q) Are the front seat springs inside the foam or outside the foam?

A) Remove the seat back panel and pull back the burlap material. If you see the seat spring is separate from the foam then you have foam without springs. If the springs are imbedded inside the foam then you have foam with springs. This only pertains to the seat backs not the bottoms. 1969 was the only year for the two different spring configurations.

Q) Why is my 1967 coupe deluxe rear seat cover too small?

A) Your rear seat frame is from a coupe with standard interior. The 1967 coupe deluxe rear seat is shorter than the standard interior rear seat because of the rear arm rests. If you are converting to deluxe interior from standard interior, just replace the rear seat frame with one from a convertible.

Q) Can I get the original style 67-69 emblems with adhesive back?

A) No, the original emblems came with studs as do our reproductions. You can remove the studs and use some body adhesive tape for mounting.

Q) Will the deluxe front door panels fit if I have standard door panels?

A) You will need to change the window regulators to deluxe and the inner door opening mechanisms to deluxe. The panels will attach in the same position.

Q) Why does my fuel gauge peg out past full.

A) This is usually caused by an open or faulty ground. Check the fuel sending unit ground at the gas tank, to insure a proper ground.View Article

Q) Why does my console gauge harness not plug into my under dash harness?

A) When converting to console gauges you will also need a console gauge conversion harness. This harness converts all the existing harnesses in the car to gauges. Also allows you to plug the console harness directly to the under dash harness .

Q) Do I replace my shock plates when I convert to multi leaf springs on my 1967 Camaro.

A) You would need to reuse the original mono leaf shock plates on the 1967, because the shocks are not staggered. The multi leaf shock plates are for a staggered shock design and will not fit on the 1967 Camaro non staggered shock design.