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1st Generation Camaro Parts

The first generation Chevrolet Camaro debuted in 1967 and spanned years 1967-1969.

Though it was technically a compact car, the Camaro was soon known as a pony car and was introduced as Chevrolet’s competition to the Ford Mustang though it differed from its competition by offering a sub-frame unibody structure for better road and noise isolation as well as better ride quality.

Available in hardtop or convertible with three different option packages, the Chevrolet Camaro was first marketed as a “road machine” and promised buyers stability and big car power. Realistically, it was more of a “junior Corvette” that gave the family man an opportunity to buy a real sports car with four seats.

The Camaro’s base powertrain consisted of a 3.8 L I6 engine rated at 140hp along with a Saginaw three-speed transmission. Also available, was a Muncie four-speed manual.

Many different configurations were available for the Chevrolet Camaro from a standard Sport Coupe, to a rubber melting Super Sport, or a track-ready Z28.

Optional trim packages called RS and SS could be purchased individually or combined.

The Rally Sport (RS) package included deluxe interior trim and hidden headlights could be added as an option to any of the models. The high-performance Super Sport (SS), also known as “the one with a name like the hiss of a snake”, included its own distinct decoration (including “bumble bee” stripes encircling the nose and iconic SS badges), heavy-duty suspension, larger tires on 14-inch wheels and a special 3-speed transmission.

Purchasing them together formed the most luxurious and lavishly equipped Camaro of them all, the RS/SS. It was an RS/SS convertible powered by a 396 that was the pace car for the 1967 Indianapolis 500 which became one of the most valuable and most collectible, Camaros.

With a more aggressive suspension, dual exhausts, quick-ratio steering, 15x7 inch rally wheels and more, the Z28 was for the road racing fans. It had a 302 V8 that was rated at 290hp but was rumored to be much higher than that. The Z28 was tough to beat boasting 140mph top speed and numerous racing victories.

The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro marked the last of, and by far, the most popular of, the first generation Camaros. Structurally and mechanically the ’69 model was virtually unchanged from its ‘68 counterpart though it did have a wider, lower and much sportier appearance. What made 1969 one of the greatest years for Camaro though, was the staggering array of performance equipment available.

This first-generation Camaro would eventually inspire the design of the new retro fifth-generation Camaro.

At Eckler’s, we know how much you love your first generation Chevrolet Camaro. That’s why we want you to remember Eckler’s whether you are restoring your Chevy Camaro or keeping it maintained. We have all the products and parts you need for your 1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

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