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Camaro Lloyd Luxe Mats


Our LUXE Carpet Is The Thickest, Heaviest, Deepest Pile That We Can Manufacture

 Premium Continuous Filament Nylon Yarn

  • Sheer luxury, ½” thickness of super soft premium nylon yarn.
  • LUXE Carpet Layer (face): 3 pounds of 2 ply continuous filament nylon yarn in each square yard. Triple the weight of most OE mats.
  • Two-Ply nylon for durability and density, created by twisting and heat-setting two pieces of yarn in each woven tuft.
  • Chemically treated to resist both staining and soiling.
  • The deep pile is hand beveled around emblems and mat perimeters.
  • Choice of ten carpet colors to match or complement current and early OEM interiors.

Licensed Corvette Trademark Emblems

  • Choose from dozens of Corvette emblems covering all years from 1956 to present.
  • Embroidered Applique: Pre-embroidered appliqué ultrasonically welded deep into the carpet face using RF Technology.

Multi-Layer Backing - Five layers of backing and protection

  • Polypropylene mesh gives the tufted yarn its shape.
  • Extra heavy latex layer creates stiffness to help maintain mat shape.
  • Special moisture barrier to keep spills from the original carpet.
  • Thick polyurethane core insulates against heat and road noise.
  • Final Tractionbac™ composition rubber for natural non-skid characteristics.


  • Long Wearing Carpet
  • Stain Resistance
  • Lasting Good Looks
  • Moisture Protection
  • Non-Skid

Mechanical Anchoring Devices With Each Mat Set.

  • Factory compatible anchoring devices are included with each set for vehicles with a factory installed hook, snap, post, Velcro,etc.
  • Corvette Anchor Systems
    • C6: Snap-Tab under mat system. Hidden from view, permanently attached plastic tab, easily snaps onto factory installed posts. 2 on driver mat, 1 on passenger mat.
    • C6 (2007 late production/on) & C5: Brass grommets positioned on mats to engage factory installed hooks. 2 on driver mat, 1 on passenger mat.
    • C4: Late model, 1995-1996, single brass grommet positioned on driver mat to engage pre-installed factory hook.
  • 1984-1994: Hook Velcro sewn to back of both mats to engage factory-installed Velcro sewn to original floor.
  • 1956-1982: Lloyd Mats designed mat hooks. Hooks easily install in original carpet engage brass grommet in mats. 2 on each driver and passenger mat.


  • Absolutely stay put.
  • Mats look better and last longer when they stay in place.
  • Won’t wrinkle or create hazardous driving conditions.

Custom Fit Patterns

  • All Corvette floor and cargo areas.
  • Hand made patterns created larger for greater coverage than factory or other mats.
  • Digitally mastered patterns, mats are cut using precise ultra-sonic technology.

Warranty- LUXE Mats are warranted by Lloyd Design Corp. against defects in design, workmanship and materials for as long as the original mat purchaser owns the vehicle. Defective mats will be repaired or replaced at Lloyd’s option.