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Car Washing 101

Car Wash Tips and Tricks

If you want to make your vehicle sparkle, you don't have to drive it down to the local car wash. These places can be expensive. They can also require you to waste a lot of time waiting on line for your car to get washed.

Car washing at home can save you time and money. And besides, who is going to care more about the way your car looks - you or that teenage kid packing a dirty rag and a sullen expression?

Just like repairing your car or fixing a broken light socket at home, a do-it-yourself car wash will also give you a sense of pride in a job well done. For some who are obsessed with their pride and joy classic car, washing your car by hand can come close to a spiritual experience. Read on for some top tips for car wash success in this brief blog from Rick's Camaro.

After washing your car, let the water flow heavily over the car. The water will sheet off, and it will be much easier to dry and help avoid water spots.

Image #1: Recommended: Heavy-flowing water will help the excess water dissipate faster, making drying easier.


Image #2: Not recommended: A light final rinse will leave plenty of water droplets to wipe down. If they're not wiped off fast enough, water spots can result.

More quick wash tips:

  • Don't skimp on your wash mitt. If it is getting old or dirty, replace it. The cost of a mitt is not worth the time and labor to remove swirl marks on your paint. Make sure to use a quality product, such as the Wool Wash Mitt.
  • To avoid swirls, only use quality microfiber towels for cleaning and drying. Never use terrycloth, diapers or T-shirts.


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