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Is your Coolant System at its Best?

Is your Coolant System at its Best?

Summer is coming and that means warmer weather and road trips! The last thing you want is for your holiday to come to an end because of a problem with your cooling system. So we’ve got some tips to help keep your cooling system in prime condition and help you recognize when it’s time to get your car into a professional for a checkup.

Your cooling system is there to help disperse the heat generated during your engines combustion processes. The heat is removed from the engine and automatic transmission and sent into the air outside, while a pump circulates coolant through the engine, which absorbs heat and sends it back to the radiator where it’s dispelled. There is thermostat helping keep the coolant temperature consistent.

Signs your cooling system is in trouble:

  • You can smell the antifreeze
  • You need to add coolant more often than usual
  • You notice it is leaking
  • Obvious overheating

You should check with your car owner’s manual to see how often you need to flush your coolant system. Regular maintenance of your cooling system will help prolong the life of your cooling system parts.

Other helpful tips:

  • Always check your coolant level at the reservoir.
  • Give your cooling system a checkup by checking out your hoses, belts and the radiator on a regular basis. Any signs of leaking, cracks in the belts, hoses bulging all mean it’s time for some maintenance.
  • Watch your temperature gauge. If gauge indicates the arrow is near the danger zone, your cooling system may be in trouble.
  • Hissing, steam, or strange smells when you check under the hood could also indicate a problem.

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