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Brake Parts for Camaros

Even owners of the world's most beloved pony car need to be able to slow down. Put on the binders fast with Rick's Camaro brake systems and parts. For almost as long as the Camaro has been on the road, our team has been working to keep it there. We're an official GM restoration Camaro parts dealer for when you need to maintain, repair or replace your brakes. If you need extra-powerful brakes to pair with your newly modified engine or exhaust, brands such as Baer Brakes, Master Power Brakes, Right Stuff Detailing and Inline Tube.

Camaro Restoration Brake Systems

A Camaro brake kit is the simplest, most affordable option for when the entire brake system needs to go to the great junkyard in the sky. Rick's Camaro has both disc brake and drum brake packages for Camaros of all generations. Use the search filters or "Add My Vehicle" tool to see the appropriate kits. A Camaro disc brake conversion kit swaps the older drum brakes out for this newer, more reliable braking technology. No one will be the wiser unless they crawl underneath!

Camaro Brake Maintenance & Upgrades

Whether you're installing disc brakes, drum brakes or hydraulic brakes, we carry hundreds of components with a low price guarantee. Shop for replacement Camaro brake calipers, rotors, stainless steel brake lines, pads and other commonly-replaced parts with a low price guarantee. For more advanced repairs, our Camaro brake master cylinders and power boosters get the job done. Emergency brake parts and all the hardware you need for DIY installation.

Trust the Experts at Rick's Camaro

As a sister company of Eckler's, our automotive heritage dates back to before the Camaro was even born. We believe in providing the best service to go with our huge inventory. Call Monday-Friday, email seven days a week or visit the Pit Stop Blog 24/7 for expert Camaro advice.

Brake Systems and Components

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