What is rickscamaro.com?

    Rick's Camaro is a subsidiary of Eckler's and a prime online source for hundreds of thousands of Camaro parts, accessories and supplies.


Can I return my item?

    Yes: https://www.rickscamaros.com/returns

Do I have to pay shipping on returns?

    Please review our returns policy at https://www.rickscamaros.com/returns

How fast will my order ship?

    Ninety percent of the parts we stock ship within 24 hours of your order.

    What happens if my order is damaged while shipping?

    Please inspect all orders for damage within five days of receipt.


How do I reach the customer service department?


What does a price match guarantee mean?


How many parts do you have in stock?

    More than 600,000, and the lineup of great parts and accessories continues to grow.

Can I really sign up for an Eckler's catalog for free?

    Yes: https://www.rickscamaros.com/catalog-options/

How do I become a wholesale dealer?


Is this website secure?

    We take every precaution to make your online shopping experience safe and secure as well as easy and enjoyable.

What are the different models?

    Camaro models range from 1967, when the nameplate was introduced, to today, when new models continue to roll off the assembly line.

What are the different generations of Camaros?

    So far, there have been six generations of the Camaro. For the history and fun facts about each generation, click on one of these links:

    Gen 1 - 1967–1969 : https://www.rickscamaros.com/camaro/gen1

    Gen 2 - 1970 -1981 : https://www.rickscamaros.com/camaro/gen2

    Gen 3 - 1982 - 1992 : https://www.rickscamaros.com/camaro/gen3

    Gen 4 - 1993 - 2002 : https://www.rickscamaros.com/camaro/gen4

    Gen 5 - 2010 - 2015 : https://www.rickscamaros.com/camaro/gen5

    Gen 6 - 2016–present : https://www.rickscamaros.com/camaro/gen6

What are the most common Camaro restoration projects?

    Camaro restoration projects range from restoring interiors with new seats, headliners and other options to repairing or replacing sheet metal and body components to installing new engines.     No matter how large or small your project, we have all the restoration parts you need for success.

Where are Camaro parts made?

    Our buyers source parts from all over the world, putting the emphasis on high quality and exact fitment.

Are Camaros discontinued?

    As of 2021, the proud marque continues on.

Are Camaro and Firebird parts interchangeable?

    In some cases, yes. In others, not so much. Before buying a Camaro part for a Firebird or vice versa, we recommend you check with one of our product experts to ensure the right fit.