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Dash and Components

Camaro Dashboard & Steering Column Parts

Beauty really is more than skin deep. That goes for cars as well as human beings.

If your Camaro dashboard has seen better days, Rick's Camaro can help you give it a much-needed makeover. A more dashing dash will impress passengers as well as those who look inside and outside your vehicle at car shows.

Best of all, a renovated dash will be easy on your eyes. After all, as the driver, you will be spending nearly all of your time in your Camaro looking over the dash and the steering wheel.

Personal Best

We have all the Camaro dash and steering column parts and components you need to make your Camaro look its best. Dash pads take a beating from the sun's ultraviolet rays. If you are looking for a premium Camaro dash pad for sale, look no further.

We have Gen 1 dashboard pads, like a 1969 Camaro dash pad. We also carry Gen 2 dashboard pads, including a 1970 Camaro dash pad, a 1972 Camaro dash pad and a 1978 Camaro dash pad - anything from a '70 Camaro to an '81 Camaro, in fact.

Even if you have a later model you're shopping for, we also carry Gen 3 and Gen 4 Camaro dash pads. So we've got you covered through the model year 2002.

Besides dash pads, we offer plenty of other parts that will brighten your Camaro's interior. These include instrument panels and bezels, ashtrays, glove-box doors and much more. We also have steering column panels and covers to keep your steering column looking the way it should.