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Steering Columns and Components

Camaro Steering Wheels, Columns & Parts

A vehicle's steering wheel and components are crucial to its safe operation, of course. If your steering feels loose or has lots of play, you need to take prompt action.

In addition, a new steering wheel can make your ride look better. You can personalize your ride with a custom steering wheel or simply improve its safety and looks with OEM steering wheels and components.

Steering You Straight

Whether you are contemplating a small mod on your late-model Camaro or a total restoration of a vintage Camaro, Rick's Camaro carries hundreds of hard-to-find Camaro steering wheels, columns and parts.

If you have a 1st Gen Camaro, you can search for products like a 1967 Camaro steering column, a '69 Camaro steering column or a 1969 Camaro tilt steering column here.

Personalize Your Ride

You'll discover plenty of custom steering wheels here to give your Camaro its own unique look and personality. These include leather-wrapped steering wheels and steering wheels made of mahogany, walnut or other hardwoods. Because we stock steering components for all six generations of this Chevy muscle car, you can locate steering components for any model year Camaro, including a 1991 Camaro steering column for Gen 3 Camaros.

Replacement Parts

The parts of a steering column can wear out, so we stock plenty of replacement steering column parts. If it's time for a total overhaul, you can opt for a Chevy steering column rebuild kit.

Don't forget that the horn is an integral part of a vehicle's steering system and also an important safety feature. We carry dozens of replacement Camaro horn caps and parts. Who says you can't blow your own horn? Besides letting motorists and pedestrians know of your muscle car's approach, these items will update the appearance of your ride.

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