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Protect the Interior of your Classic Car

Whoever said beauty is more than just skin deep must have known a thing or two about classic cars. For the true classic car aficionado, regular interior car cleaning is every bit as important as keeping the vehicle glossy and beautiful on the outside.

You spend so much time detailing your car, making sure you've done the best job on your resto inside and out. But even with all the care and attention you've lavished on your pet, you find your interior could use a little extra attention. We've come up with some handy tips to help you clean your vehicle's interior and keep it looking great for years. Read on to learn more about some DIY car interior detailing hacks.

Create a New Clean Habit

Before you even begin to think about the best car interior cleaning products or what type of car interior cleaning spray to buy, make things easy on yourself and your ride. Start by cutting the clutter. Get into the habit of cleaning your car and taking your trash with you when you park for the night. It's really that easy. When you get out of the car, just collect food containers, wrappers and other garbage and throw it out. Just five minutes a day can save you a lot of cleanup time later on. And without rotting taco wrappers, stale coffee cups and other organic and semi-organic detritus, your car will start to smell better too.

Put Together a Good Car Interior Cleaning Kit

From polish to odor eliminator to wipes to glass cleaner, upholstery car cleaner and more, our Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning and Car Care Kit has everything you need. This kit along with some paper towels and rags kept under your seat for emergency cleanups will help keep your interior looking like new. TIP: This makes a great gift for every car lover you know.
Upholstery Cleaning and Car Care Kit

Give It a Good Once Over
It's time to get in there with a trash bag and throw out any loose papers, wrappers, bits of food, twigs or anything else that might be lying on the floor or wedged between the seats. Sharp gravel may eventually grind right into your floor mats and carpet, causing ugly damage. Get out the vacuum and suck up any loose particles on a regular basis.

Dusting It
Grab your duster and get rid of the surface dust on your vehicle. A rag can do a fairly good job, but we recommend you use an actual Dash and Interior Duster to help you drive away dust rather than just move it from place to place. These dusters are small and handy. They are nice to have around for a quick interior cleanup year-round.
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Deep Cleaning
Your vehicle's dash is front and center for driver and passengers. But it takes abuse from the sun, dust, fingerprints and numerous other manmade and natural hazards. Car dashboard cleaner and a car interior protection treatment are crucial to keeping it looking good. Now it's time to tackle the dash and do some cleaning to remove dirt, dust and body oil from the dash and leathers. Boyd Coddington Show Prep Interior Detailer is an easy one-step spray recommended for all types and colors of paint. You'll get a great shine and UV protection too. Protecting car interior parts, such as the dash, is a smart way to protect your investment.
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Protecting the Interior from the Sun
Now that your interior is clean, you can help keep the interior of your classic spotless with some general rules. Only permit clean footwear on the floor mats. Avoid messy foods and drinks that can spill or leak on fabric surfaces. Use a sunshade to protect the interior of your car from fading and the vinyl from cracking in the sun. A simple sunshade placed on your windshield on a sunny day will help keep your car cooler and protect your interior for years to come. For an extra shield against Ol' Sol's damaging UV rays, consider using some car interior protection spray. Car seat sealant is also a smart way to prolong the looks and life of your seats.
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Don't Forget to Smell Good
Air fresheners can help keep your car smelling fresh and clean 24/7. Eco Touch Odor Eliminator has a light cucumber-mint scent. It really works on those tough odors from food, smoke and other stinky substances.
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To view all of our car cleaning products, interior protection items and cleaning solutions, Shop Car Care. We've got you and your car covered.