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If you need a new set of wheels for your first-generation Camaro, Rick's Camaro has got you (and your wheel hubs) covered. Our inventory of 1st Gen Camaro '67-'69 wheels and tires numbers in the hundreds. That means you can find exactly the right wheels, tires and accessories you need for your classic Camaro, whether you are working on a restoration, seeking to customize and personalize it for a unique look or working to boost its performance on the track or on the road.

Huge Selection

You'll discover a big selection of '67 Camaro wheels, '68 Camaro wheels and 1967 Camaro wheels here. Whether you are seeking black rims for Camaro fitment, chrome wheels or any other eye-catching finish, you'll find plenty of choices here.

No matter how you drive your Chevy Camaro, we have the right wheels for you. From rally wheels for '67 Camaro models to 1969 Camaro pro touring wheels, you'll find exactly the right products here to suit your style and that of your ride.

Free Personalized Advice

We stock the right Chevy Camaro bolt pattern for every first-gen Camaro, but if you're unsure of fitment, no worries. Call our product experts toll-free or email us. We'll be glad to steer you straight.

We also carry 1967 Camaro staggered wheels and staggered sets for other years. These will give your car an even cooler look and boost performance.

Tires, Too

Of course, a new set of wheels will only get you so far. So we stock plenty of first-gen Camaro tires to suit the kind of driving you do. Whether you're seeking to boost the performance of your Camaro or just want to restore it to its original look, you'll find plenty of premium tire options here.

In addition, you can get all the wheel and tire accessories you need. These include tire inflators, valve stems and caps for your tires as well as center caps, hub caps and emblems for your wheels. If you're a DIYer, check out our lug wrenches, lug nuts and wheel installation hardware for working on your Camaro.