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Spring Car Maintenance Tips for Camaro Owners

Camaro Spring Car Maintenance Tips for Weather Safety

No one knows a Camaro better than the person who drives it every day. You know what your car is supposed to sound like, which means you pick up on every little rattle, ping, squeak and scrape - not to mention how the car feels on the road and even how it smells. And once you've identified a potential problem, you diagnose it and get it fixed.

Of course, by doing standard Camaro maintenance, you can prevent many problems from happening. This includes seasonal upkeep whenever spring arrives. Melting snow, rain and fog are all part of expected spring weather patterns across the country, and that means looking at both safe spring weather driving and what things you should be checking on your Camaro.

Making sure a car is properly maintained before you hit the road is always a good idea. In many ways, it's just as important as following basic safe driving rules and avoiding distractions. By using this spring car maintenance checklist, you'll be prepared for the driving conditions ahead.

1. Replace the Windshield Wiper Blades
When you're driving in the rain - and when other cars are splashing dirt, water and grime on your windshield - even a brief lapse in visibility puts you and your passengers at risk. Windshield wiper blades can quickly wear out, tear or crack during the winter. Replacing them is fast, easy and affordable so you can see clearly in wet weather.
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2. Check Tire Wear and Pressure
Worn-out tires and tires with thin treads have much less grip on wet or muddy roadways. This can lead to hydroplaning and the resulting loss of control. Prevent disaster by checking your car's tread depth and replacing the tires if the depth is too low. While you're at it, check the tire pressure with a new accurate gauge. Tires that are overinflated or underinflated won't grip as well, and this may also hurt gas mileage.
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3. Check the Engine Fluids.
Along with your windshield washer fluid, you should also check the brake, power steering and transmission fluids, along with your coolant, to make sure they're at the proper levels. Fluids should also be changed per the maintenance schedule.  NOTE: If coolant, brake and power steering systems are low, you should check for a possible leak, since these are closed systems that typically don't burn off fluid as you drive.
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4. Repair all Windshield Chips and Cracks
Rocks, salt and sand are often used to improve grip in the winter. However, they leave a gritty mess come spring, which can get kicked up and hit your windshield. Take the time to fix any chips or cracks that occur before they can get worse. If the damage is too severe to fix, replace the windshield promptly to maintain full visibility and safety.
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Many potential buyers wonder: are Camaros high maintenance? According to the professionals, the average Camaro maintenance cost is roughly in line with other popular coupes and pony cars. But by being proactive and following these spring Camaro maintenance tips, you can lower your total costs while enjoying a great spring and summer of driving.