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Shifters and Related

Chevy Camaro Shifters, Parts & Hardware

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, the transmission plays a critical part in your muscle car's performance. With a worn or broken shifting or transmission part, your car may not perform up to its potential. Or it may not go anywhere at all.

Let's face it. Besides the practical aspect of making your car go the way you want it to, a shifter just looks pretty darn cool. Few thrills compare to seeing the tachometer hit the redline as your automatic works its way up through the gears or, even better, you accomplish the changes yourself manually.

Better Looks and Performance

Whether you want your Chevrolet Camaro to look better or perform better, Rick's Camaro carries an extensive inventory of Chevy Camaro shifters and parts.

We stock shifters and parts for all six generations of this classic muscle car. That means you can find what you want, from 1st Gen products like a Hurst shifter for your restoration or upgrade, or paddle shifters for something more modern, like a 5th Gen.

Parts and Accessories Too

In addition to shifters, we carry a full line of all the shifter parts and accessories you will need. Whether you are looking for Camaro automatic shifter parts like Hurst automatic shifter parts or need manual shifter parts, you can find it here. Our inventory covers everything from shifting hardware like clips and snap rings to shift cables and leather manual shift performance kits for quicker gear shifts and really cool looks.

If you don't see what you're looking for or have questions, call us toll-free or email us. Our product experts will be happy to help you find what you need and answer your questions.